Skill Evaluation Lab for pre employment testing

Measure skills by pre-employment computer tests using Skill Evaluation Lab

Since 2004, Skill Evaluation Lab has been the best Online Exam Software for pre employment testing to measure cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, physical and motor abilities, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity skills. The Skill Evaluation Lab Online Exam Software is independent of other professional outsourcing organizations and permit you to objectively assess skills in a variety of content areas within your organization.

The Skill Evaluation Lab platform has been already tested by MyExamCloud and ExamBoat registered users. Using continuous research development process, EPractize Labs has developed one of the best pre employment testing software in the world.

The Skill Evaluation Lab lifetime and rental license offerings are now available through MyExamCloud’s website at There you will find all purchasing options for Skill Evaluation Lab versions.

The Skill Evaluation Lab is used by leading banks/organizations/colleges worldwide to support their daily hiring and promotion decisions. By using Online Exam Software, an organization can find better candidates by pre employment testing, improve employee skills by practice tests, and measure training. You can do lot more with Skill Evaluation Lab for your employment screening; just check the product details at .

The Skill Evaluation Lab tests may be taken any time, anywhere online/offline depends on your server configuration. Easily build and maintain your own screening tests. Share results with recruitment team and shortlist the profiles.

The Skill Evaluation Lab provides the most extensive skills measurement components for any kind of employment tests. Since the tests are online, your exam lab can be located anywhere in your organization.

The Skill Evaluation Lab are developed, validated and reviewed by professionals in human resource domain. As we like to say,  “Skill Evaluation Lab developed for HR professionals, by HR professionals.”

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