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The Skill Evaluation Lab online exam software platform is the world’s first test management software that was released in early stages of 2005. It is fully downloadable software package and installed on your School/College/Corporate network server. No worries on your data security;complete protection within your network.

The following popular exam apps are developed using Skill Evaluation Lab online exam platform:

myexamcloud logo ​MyExamCloud – The MyExamCloud aims to offer practice exams from Kids IQ level to PhD exams. You can find exams in all difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. Through MyExamCloud exams any novice student can expert in specific skill by continuous practice. If you are going to climb a ladder, you have to start on the ground; Just start practicing beginner level exams and slowly improve your knowledge by taking intermediate and advanced exams.
examboat logo ExamBoat – ExamBoat as an exam sharing website comprises free online practice tests and eBooks. Comparing ExamBoat to watercraft that floats on the ocean of knowledge sheds light on the nature of this online platform for practicing exams. An interested party, being a student, teacher, professional, etc., from a preschool to PhD perspective, may take advantage of practice tests collected according to different disciplines and programs, like social sciences, physics, biology, TOEFL, software for architects, to name a few. The complexity of the tests varies from categories like school and college to job/interviews to competitive, government or certification exams, etc.

How to download Free Online Exam Software?

The Skill Evaluation Lab full version is available for download by contacting product owner by following details:

  • College/Company Name
  • Contact Person Name
  • College/Company Email ID

Send your details to from your College/Company Email ID.

Recommended System requirements

To start, first make sure that you have enough free spaces on your system.  Kindly follow the below configuration for better scalability and performance.

RAM – 4 GB recommended
Processor Speed – 2.2 GHZ or higher

Note: The above configuration is good enough to conduct 2000 concurrent access. If you need to increase concurrent users kindly contact our support. Just click the setup file and proceed for installation.
You will get further instructions to setup your Online Exam Software on your network after contacting the product owner. Download Skill Evaluation Lab online software Now !

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