Students advantages of Skill Evaluation Lab Online Exam Software

Skill Evaluation Lab usage for college or school students

Student Success in schools or colleges

Success in schools or colleges – means success in exams. The criteria of being a good student is –high score in each exam.

Be well prepared for tomorrow’s exam is possible by learning all your material all night or test yourself in the most resembling questions you will meet to morrow in your exam. The typical student in all grades, can find a lot of material in the internet, however, with out any logic order and with a huge difficulty to locate the specific subject of his planned exam.

There is a big demand for an easy and friendly tool to quickly locate on line, several exams which will enable the student to test his knowledge and prepare him self to his coming exam. The questions in the exam will be based on the student’s studying program and will be created by an excellent staff of teachers and professional academic staff.

The Skill Evaluation Lab project meets existing demand and has no intention to create one. Any college or school can install this software and create their own tests for students exam preparation.

Question Authoring

Although creating online tests is labor-intensive, once a test is developed in word document or XL spread sheet, it is relatively easy to transfer it and repeat it in any Skill Evaluation Lab Online Exam Software. Skill Evaluation Lab allows for a high degree of customization in the students exam screen. As an instructor can create single question navigation, single page navigation, next-previous navigation tests with timer for question or test level.

Access anywhere

Skill Evaluation Lab tests can be accessed on a variety of devices. If students want to take from mobile devices, they can even take a test from their smartphone. The flexibility offered by this online testing software can be a great solution for learners with busy schedules or when unexpected class cancellations occur. Students can take free online tests from ExamBoat and MyExamCloud apps apart from Skill Evaluation Lab exams.

Easy customization

While it is hard to prevent cheating, Skill Evaluation Lab tests do offer many settings for instructors to randomize questions, impose test taking time limits, impose test taking time period and restrict number of attempts.

More interactive than paper based tests

Testing in an online environment can be a lot more interactive than traditional paper and pen tests. Instructors can embed multimedia images or videos in test questions to provide more engaging assessments. For example, students may be asked to identify a particular area of an image by directly clicking on it instead of having to answer in written form.

Simple Tracking

Skill Evaluation Lab goals tracker tracks a student’s improvements and it is easy for an instructor to know the student skills in simple chart page.

Cost Saving

A student does not need a long commute to exam venue as long as these requirements are met. This also means that thousands of students can take the same exams over a wide spread of locations. When an exam is placed online, it results in significant cost savings. The cost of paper, copying, and distribution expenses are all reduced or eliminated.

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