Why Skill Evaluation Lab is the Best Online Exam Software

The best online exam software that tens of thousands of teachers/professionals have been quietly using for years.


The Skill Evaluation Lab software is online based and is used to create web based examinations. In addition, one can use the software to conduct their web based examinations. This software was published and developed by EPractice Labs. The software uses manual evaluation type of questions as well as computer evaluation type to conduct online exams. It is an excellent alternative to paper based exams into computer based tests.


With Skill Evaluation Lab, there are no monthly charges or yearly charges whatsoever. This means that an individual looking forward to using this software should not worry about recurrent monthly subscription charges. All they need to do is to go online and download the Skill Evaluation Lab software and they can conveniently use it on their own server. Similarly, with the rental edition, one can decide to make a onetime payment only when they need to conduct online examinations.


The Skill Evaluation Lab comes in a responsible design that can be easily accessed by numerous devices including mobile phones. The developers were keen to incorporate this feature due to the fact that most online visitors use mobile phones to access the internet. This therefore means that a wide variety of individuals can enjoy the services offered by Skill Evaluation Lab.

In addition, it comes with two methodologies that use different assessment and training. The first methodology is the Plan Practice Achieve method and the Plan Prove Assess methodology. The Skill Evaluation Lab software is in a position to support a wide variety of users including role wise access, concurrent access and restriction.

Other users may include exam manager, root admin, trainee, examinee, print manager and report manager. Currently, the Skill Evaluation Lab software has over 40,000successful users and the number is still rising by the day. One can begin using this software as their tool for training through self evaluation.

The self training mode can support various types of questions including multiple choice questions, single questions, descriptive questions, filling the blanks, matching the right choice as well as custom images. In addition, videos can be easily attached for a choice or question.

This online exam software can support bulk and manual uploads through word or excel documents. Without the need for additional software it can effectively operate on Java enabled platforms. To get started with the software, one needs to register only once and the charges paid at the time of registration caters for IP/Server protection. There are no recurring fees, monthly subscriptions, per user fees, renewal charges among other types of charges.

Once an individual has downloaded the Skill Evaluation Lab software they are provided with a 30 day demo and a chance to review this product. The free self demos are ideal for all user types be it large, medium or small.


The Skill Evaluation Lab software can prove to be very useful when it comes to major recruitment drives. With only a one time purchase, an individual doesn’t have to worry about recurrent terms of payment and changes in price. It offers a multi language support through Mail and SMS communications. Individuals thinking about using online exam software should consider using Skill Evaluation Lab.

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