Skill Evaluation Lab Online Exam Platform for Colleges and Corporations

Online Exam Software for Colleges and Corporations

In the 21st century, many people are spending most of their time in front of a computer screen. Whatever occupation a person has, a computer and the internet have become indispensable in the modern world. Year by year, people are seeing how much easier life is with computers and other technological gadgets. Learning institutions have not been left out in this magical movement of computers.

Now, if an instructor is competent enough to set an examination (which is a basic skill for anyone to become an instructor), every other aspect of exam administration can be handled by a computer.

EPractize Labs has been producing online exam software for colleges and corporations for over 10 years and has seen a good number of institutions enjoy smooth exam administration using their software. The software, called Skill Evaluation Lab, was the first of its kind to be created back in 2004. With the hundreds of exam software hovering over the internet right now, Skill Evaluation Lab still stands out as the most trustable software that ensures maximum integrity in test issuance.

But before we dive into that, let’s see what Skill Evaluation Lab is all about.

First, Skill Evaluation Lab is a software used to conduct and administer computer based exams over a LAN network. Typically, this software is a perfect fit for any kind of test taken online. It works by scoring and evaluating exams taken by students or employees of an organization. However, this only applies to the Skill Evaluation Lab type of questions. Questions requiring descriptions or voice answers will fail to fit in this category and have to be worked on manually; as they have been traditionally.

If you are the type to prefer a demo before going with the whole thing, the company offers you the chance to set up a demo test and administer it to demo students and see the results. You can do that by going to

How to use the Software 

The first step is to create an admin account for yourself as the test manager. Then you can create accounts for your students or whoever is going to take the online exam. After this, you just need to make your test and proof read in the usual way then give it to your students.

The exams are administered from a single server which you own as the administrator of the test and all exam takers will have to take the test from a system connected to your exam server. After completion, the exam results can be accessed from the software. The product will submit final results except those requiring manual editing or evaluation such as open ended questions or voice recorded answers.

Who is this Product intended for?

Skill Evaluation Lab is a product that can fit almost any institution which needs to issue tests to employees, potential employees or students. Schools, colleges, universities and other learning institutions are the default perfect fit for the product as they have to issue exams every now and then; and in this day and age, online is the new substitute for paper work.

However, a company needing to recruit employees can save the time and energy of issuing physical tests and simply give online computer based tests to the candidates and job applicants. Similarly, it works in many instances as a substitute for physical interviews which generally take longer. As an employer, you can now save much of your time and money by simply giving out tests online to all applicants and using the results to shortlist applicants; leaving you with lots of resources to do your other work.

Aside from using it to screen employees, you can use the software to screen your current employees to see who is most competent for a promotion and possibly who is too incompetent for the position they are currently holding. Additionally, if you need to train new employees and enlighten them on the job they will be doing, this will prove to be an invaluable tool in making the process smooth, fast and free of human error.

Many institutions have seen the wisdom in using this online exam software as evidenced by the tens of thousands of institutions that have purchased it. These include Agni College of Technology and Technip; all of which are large world class institutions. These institutions have managed to meet their goals using this software as we can see from the testimonials given.

A case study is the Agni College of Technology which is not really an old institution but large nevertheless. It is also well recognized in the world of science and technology as it has provided the nation, and the world as a whole, with a good number of qualified engineers to fill the huge engineering market gap. The college has been able to administer remote exams in a credible way for a while now and has experienced great progress as a result. Being such a sizeable institution, offering exams to the large number of students had previously proven to be problematic. This prompted them to start issuing exams online and now, they can even accommodate a larger number of students and still give out credible exams. In fact, now the school can have as many students as possible without straining the school exam system.

Another good example of successful use of Skill Evaluation Lab is Kuwait International Bank, which operates 24 branches in Kuwait. The bank, which is now more than 40 years old, was able to successfully issue practice exams to over 1000 employees from a single server in 24 locations, all at the same time.

How to get the Software

This software can be downloaded online on the company’s official website for only one US dollar. This gives you the capacity to hold exams on your own server. This is, however, only a rental and will not require monthly or annual renewal. If you need to use the software a second time, all you need to do is renew the service once again. Although it is quite simple to use for any tech savvy person out there, you can start by using a demo software to first learn how the product works; after which you could make use of it for a real online test.

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