Java: The Most Sought After Programming Language

Article about scope of Java in IT jobs in different countries.

It is a well-known fact that Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the IT industry. It is widely used for developing server side applications, desktop apps, video games, mobile applications and so on. Java jobs are readily available in the market and is expected to soar further in the coming few years.

This platform independent, object-oriented programming language has emerged as one of the best programming languages in the tech world. Since its inception n 1995, various versions of Java have been rolled out only to make it better with every passing year.

Java Is the Most Popular Language, Says A Survey

After being resting at second place for full year and a half, behind the C language, Java regained its top slot as most popular language in the Tiobe’s language popularity index. The report further stated that Android’s huge success in the mobile market is certainly the prime reason for Java’s resurgence. Java is the heart and soul of all types of android applications.

Also, as per Computer Weekly’s survey of Appointment and Trends, Java is the most favored skill in the IT recruitment market. There are many more market surveys, which point out Java’s massive popularity in the information technology industry. The fundamental purpose behind the expansion in occupation prerequisites is that today Java is being utilized as a part of each significant industry portion for different figuring stages going from cell phones, inserted gadgets, undertaking servers on the lower end side and super PCs on the higher end. In spite of the fact that less utilized, Java applets help to have an enhanced usefulness while perusing the web.

Today, Java is being utilized as a part of more than 4.5 billion gadgets including:

– 2.1 billion Cellular telephones and other hand held gadgets (Source: Ovum)

– 850+ million PCs

– 3.5 billion Smart Card and different instruments like Games, Car Navigation Systems,Web Cameras, Printers, Set Top Boxes, Paid Parking Systems, Health and medical Care Equipment, Lottery Terminals and many more.

Java Developers High In Demand

Java developers are high in demand these days. Their competency in coding language is priceless. Employers are leaving no stone unturned to bring the best talents on board. They are ready to offer good hike to the experienced industry professionals and are hiring talented freshers at competitive starting salaries.

Here are 10 countries that pay Java Developers what they are worth.

1. Canada
2. New Zealand
3. Germany
4. Australia
5. Israel
6. Sweden
7. Norway
8. United states
9. Denmark

Top Java Employers

There are countless domestic & global IT companies, multinationals and other IT firms that are constantly looking for people with Java skills. The top employers in this field are listed below, take a look-


What Developers Must Keep In Mind?

Regardless of the promising hiring prospects, Java developers need to keep polishing their skills to stay marketable. Below are the few points which can help you to maintain your edge as a Java professional, take a look-

Soft skills hold considerable significance in the technical profiles as well. Keep growing it.
Keep building technical skills.
Explore other programming languages as well
Consider Java projects available online

So, just go online and click on any of the leading Jobs Search Engine. You’ll see hundreds of thousands of job offerings in Java Script, Java, JSP, J2SE and J2ME from various companies ranging from small startups to famous fortune 500 companies across the globe. Today, Java can be easily called as the largest and the most actively used technology on the planet. It has been tested, extended and refined by more than any other technology used in all the 195 countries.

Analyzing the increasing demand for Java Programmers, various Universities, Technology Institutes and Online Tutorial Websites have introduced Java Tutorial Courses and churning out thousands of Java programmers every year. People with flair knowledge in Java technologies surely has a promising career in 2017 and also in the years or maybe even decades to come. Up until this point, more than 6.5 million software engineers have figured out how to locate a reasonable employment in any of the Java innovation driven organizations found on the job search engine.

Their is no doubt about the fact that IT jobs are coming in a big way and the requirement for Java Programmer is increasing on a consistent basis, but in order to gain a competitive edge over other developers, it is important to follow certain tips.

 Tip # 1

Hands-on experience is probably the most important aspect that needs to be considered when applying for Java Developer positions. One must always embrace anything new coming up in the field and get a lot of experience to make yourself indispensable for employers.

 Tip # 2

Go open source as the open source code produced by you will reflect the kind of IT job you are looking for. The code produced must reflect the market requirements. Java programmers looking for a nice job must make sure that they fill the gap between the demand and supply of their positions in the market. It is important to bear in mind that, even IT and tech companies find it very difficult to fill Java developer positions. According to Dice, more than 16,000 Java Developer positions open up every day so there is no lack of opportunities, but staying ahead of the competition can still be challenging.

Tip # 3

Competition in this field is growing at an alarming pace and the major reason behind it is decreasing focus on the development of internal talent. Instead of training and retaining employees, most companies focus on staffing “plug and play,” more experienced developer candidates. With this being said, it is important to obtain as many certifications as possible. This puts the “icing” on the cake when you are being compared to other “highly experienced,” potential candidates.

Tip # 4

Setting up a blog is one of the coolest ideas where one can post once a month. The blog must be written after thorough research and one must sound knowledgeable. A blog is the best way to reach out to the prospective employers and leave a lasting impression. The proper nuances of writing a blog must be followed to the “T” that is, creating an outline, drawing a narrative and finally writing grammatical error free content. The content should be to the point and informative.

Final Say

The towering demand of Java skills is creating ample opportunities for the programmers and causing trouble for employers and IT managers. For anyone planning a career in programming world, it is the right time to embark on a career in Java field.

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