Will Java Certifications increase my salary?

Oracle Java Certified Professionals get new job role and earn more salary.

This is the general question for any Java Professionals “Whether getting an Oracle Java certification will dramatically increase my earning potential”. Yes, ofcourse a certified professional has more demand in new job market as well. It is good for a person who is just graduating from college to get new job or a person looking to change jobs with respectable lead roles and more salary.

Can Java certifications increase my salary?

Yes, in many places and No in few places. What we mean is that those who joined in a company where they respect certifications can respect your role and salary. But in few places where technical experience plays major role than Java Certifications; In this situation, certification add only technical boost not on salary.

In general Java certification will make a programmer more valuable as an employee and proved that he or she has expertise in a specific area. Oracle’s certification website reports that ‘More than 80% of people who earned an Oracle certification reported a salary increase, promotion or career improvement.’

Case study of Mechanical and Computer Engineering Graduates

To get concrete conclusion about the benefit of Java Certifications lets discuss more about real case study of two different graduates and they are currently working with two different companies.
Important Note: The names used in this article are not real names.
Peter – Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Johnson – Computer Engineering Graduate
They are graduated in the same college and started looking software jobs. Peter is very much interested in Java Certification while at college and achieved Java Programmer Certification. Johnson is not interested to take Java Certification since he feels that computer engineering qualification is good enough to get software job. Both are placed in the same company and interesting news is that Peter got 25% higher salary than Johnson.


As a job seeker the Java Certification shows that you have valid proof of what your employer is looking for.
As a job interviewer, given two prospective candidates with all qualifications being equal one having a certification and one not, the good option is to hire the one with the certification.Do not take Java Certifications for just increasing the salary alone; think about the benefits of new skills as well. The Java Certifications shape up your skills at anytime with latest technology changes to sustain in the competitive job market.

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