Prepare for Success to Java EE 6 OCE Developer Certifications

Brief introduction about Java EE 6 OCE Developer exams for EJB, JPA, JSF, Web Services and Web Component

You have decided to take Java EE 6 OCE Developer certifications but confused about where to start; read this article to know the easy route to success by a study plan. The main part of the journey is preparation and feeling confident to take the exam.

What is Java EE?

Java is a programming language and it has following editions.
Java SE for desktop application development. Typically runs on a desktop like installed application. Each client must install the application.
Java EE for enterprise application development. Typically runs on an application server with web and EJB containers. Clients can access by web browser and an application client can connect by web services.
Java ME for mobile application development. Typically runs in Midlet. Each mobile client must install the application.

Oracle offers certifications for Java SE and Java EE versions. The Java ME certification has been retired from Oracle and we are not sure when they will launch new certification for this Java edition.

The Java EE certifications for developer level are organized based on architecture tiers/components. These advanced Java EE Certifications help you to move your career forward and get new job roles.


How to prepare for Java EE 6 Developer certification?

Understand the Java EE tiers and sample applications using your certification related components. For example, if you are preparing for OCE Web Component exam, you should know that JSP and Servlets are used for building dynamic HTML pages (to make presentation tier components).

If you are preparing for OCE EJB certification, you must know the business logic implementation using JTA or container managed transactions. The latest version of EJB components support both annotation and declarative based transaction attributes; so you must know each and every annotation with equivalent declarative XML element. The latest containers also come with EJB-Lite container for EJB running applications with a small subset of the features in EJB 3.1 centered around the session bean component model.

The OCE JPA exam requires you to prepare well in many areas like relationship, JPA QL, JPA Criteria API, Entity Manager API, JPA Transactions, etc.

The majority of the Java EE 6 OCE Web Services exam are from JAX-RS and JAX-WS, so prepare well on these APIs.

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