The career value of EJB Certification by MyExamCloud

EJB Certification benefits for individuals and employers

There were only one certification for Java EE business component before Oracle’s takeover from Sun. The old certification’s name was “Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)” with EJB and JPA objectives. But after Oracle re-branded the Java EE developer certifications, they were separated to more depth in specific skills. The Java EE business component developer certification has been divided into two 1. Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 EJB Component Developer, 2. Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JPA Develope

Note: Just to simplify the article, we refer OCE EJB instead of Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 EJB Component Developer in all places.

The OCE EJB certification tests your EJB 3.1 design and programming knowledge. You must have good architecture and coding skills in Java EE business tier to clear this certification.

You can find EJB Certification topics at MyExamCloud’s study plan.

What is EJB architecture?

The EJB architecture follows component-container architecture with remote or local access within or outside the container.

The EJB container is responsible for managing life cycle, transaction, security, concurrency, and other system level services required for a business component.

Types of EJB components

  1. Stateless Session Bean
  2. Stateful Session Bean
  3. Singleton Session Bean
  4. Message Driven Bean

In an enterprise application, the EJB components are key items to execute a business logic. So the business logic tier gets higher ranking then others. If you want to become a Java EE Architect, you must have strong knowledge in EJB components.

The following items will be more tested in EJB certification for Java EE 6.

No-interface view. This feature allows an EJB developer to specify an enterprise bean using only a bean class without having to write a separate business interface.

Singletons. New Singleton session bean introduced in Java EE 6. This EJB can be used to share state between multiple instances of an enterprise bean component or between multiple enterprise bean components in an application.

Asynchronous session bean invocation. By default EJB methods are synchronous. Client must wait till the method return to the caller. But from Java EE 6 with the use of “Asynchronous session bean invocation” we can invoke session bean methods asynchronously by specifying an annotation.

Simplified Packaging. The latest version removes the restriction of ejb-jar file. You can now place EJB classes directly in a WAR file.

EJB Lite. Is a subset of EJB 3.1 for inclusion in a variety of Java EE profiles.

Benefits of EJB Certified individuals

  • You will be promoted to next level in your Java EE project to architect EJB design.
  • There is a possibility of salary hike in many industries after completing this certification.
  • You will be more focused on business logic by writing simple Java Programs.
  • Key decisions about your business transactions can be controlled easily with the help of knowledge you gained.
  • Your team will be more happy to get guidance from you about different EJB projects.
  • You become more smarter than others to apply design patterns in your EJB development.
  • In general working professionals in IT who can get certified & improve their career prospects.
  • Engineering & IT students who use these certification to fill the gap in their Java EE knowledge & to add international certifications to their resume.
  • Oracle Certifications have industry-wide recognition from all IT employers.
  • Surveys show that Oracle Certified professionals enjoy better salaries & better career advancement opportunities.

Benefits of employer

  • Certified EJB developer make design decisions more faster than others.
  • Make clients’ deliverables with good quality by certified EJB developer.
  • Increase clients’ confidence by Certified EJB developer profiles.

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