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EPractize Labs helping Java Certification aspirants since 2004 and received so many questions about Java Certification. The following article contents share some of the important question and answers to our most frequently asked Java Certification questions from MyExamCloud users.

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Question : I am a Final Year college Student. Can I take OCA Java Certification?
Answer: Yes you can take OCA certification without any per-requisite from Oracle.The Java SE OCA certification is be beginner level certification and it tests your core programming knowledge in Java with OO skills. It will definitely add more value for your career after your completed your college study. You will become hot in job market when compared to non-certified Java programmer.

Question: I’ve been a Java Programmer for more than 3 years. Which certification is right for me?
Answer: It all depends on your interest and Java editions. The important per-requisite from Oracle is that you need to have either SCJP or OCPJP to attend Java EE OCE level certifications except Architect exam. So it is good to start with OCA Java SE exam and OCP Java SE exam. Java Certifications hold much more value when combined with your programming experience. Certification doesn’t just validate your current project experience, it validate your knowledge in latest programming API skills.

Question: I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP). How can I upgrade to Oracle Java Certification?
Answer: The Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP are still completely valid and is the equivalent of the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer certification. If you are interested to upgrade to latest Java versions (Java SE 8 or Java SE 7) in getting an Oracle Certified Java credential, you can upgrade your certification any of the latest version available from Oracle’s site.

Question: What are the Java Certifications require mandatory training classes from Oracle University in order to earn my certification?
Answer: According to Oracle, training is not currently a requirement for the OCA, OCP or OCE level Java certifications. Training is only a requirement for the Oracle Certified Master level certifications, which includes the OCM, Java SE 6 Developer and Java Enterprise Architect certifications. These Master certifications are the most advanced credentials (which includes assignment solution) so Oracle mandate training to ensure candidates have an in-depth expertise of the technology area.

Question: How different are the Java SE 8/Java SE7 certifications compared to the Java SE 6 certifications?
Answer: The latest Java Programmer Certification is spitted into two levels OCA and OCP. So to become Java Certified Programmer for Java SE 8 or Java SE 7 you need to complete two exams. Both OCA and OCP exams include more advanced content, which gives the credentials more value in the marketplace. For those who already hold a SCJP or OCP credential, upgrade exams are available to the OCP, Java SE 8 Programmer/Java SE 7 Programmer certification without having to take the OCA exam first.

Question: For the Java SE 8 or Java SE 7 Certifications, why is OCA now a prerequisite for OCP?
Answer: With the release of Java SE 7, Oracle wants to improve both the OCA and OCP Certifications. The Java SE OCA exam now covers more advanced content, content that was previously covered on the OCP exam. The advanced additional objectives are in OCP exam to give it more value.

Question: What are the certifications I can take in Java EE 6?
Answer: With the release of Java EE 6, Oracle offers following Java EE 6 certifications.
OCE Java EE 6 EJB Developer
OCE Java EE 6 JPA Developer
OCE Java EE 6 Web Component Developer
OCE Java EE 6 Web Services Developer
OCE Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
OCE Java EE 6 JSF Developer

Question: Can you explain more about Java Developer exam?
Answer: The Java SE Developer exam is totally different from programmer exam and it requires you to complete source code for the given business problem using Java Swing/AWT, IO, RMI/Socket components. You need to answer few questions about your solution in essay exam to complete the developer certification. This certification requires you to take mandatory training course from Oracle.

Question: Can you explain more about Java Architect exam?
Answer: This is the most advanced certification in Oracle Java list. By completing this exam one can move forward as a Java architect or technical lead level. This certification tests your architecture skills beyond Java knowledge. This certification is spitted into three parts.
Step 1: You need to complete multiple choice exam.
Step 2: You need to provide architecture solution for the given business problem.
Step 3: You need to answer few questions based on your architecture solution.
This certification requires you to take mandatory training course from Oracle.

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