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Facts about Java Programmer Certification and its benefits.

This is the general question for all Java programmers.

“What kind of benefits I can get after Java Certified?,
Will I get new jobs? Will I get increase in my salary?,
After becoming Java Certified, will Oracle help me to get a Job?”.

In this article, we will discuss more about what are benefits of getting Java certified.

Java Certification before Oracle

The Java certifications during the Sun Microsystems period is totally different from the current Oracle certification program. There will be only one programmer exam for Java to acquire Sun Java Certification and the name was “SCJP Sun Certified Java Programmer”, but after Oracle’s acquisition, the certification program for Java is completely changed.

Java Certification after Oracle

The new Java Certification requires you to take two exams. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java Programmer and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java programmer.

So any programmer may ask whether I should go for OCPJP (Oracle Certified Professional for Java SE), or OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate for Java SE ). We need to pass OCA before going for OCP Java SE; so one must take OCA Java Programmer as the starting point to get Java Certified.

Facts and benefits about Java Certified Programmer

We all know that after Java Certified one can get higher income, better Job prospect, chance of promotion, and much more.

The Java Certifications are always good for your career, knowledge and confidence. It is much more important for college students, Java beginners and junior Java developers who have just started their career.

The Java programmer certification gives you an opportunity to learn current version of Java SE changes along with API skills, OO Concepts, and other topics that you may not be aware of while you started studying Java.

The job interview process in many companies require you to write Java written test. So once you are Java certified, there is very good chance that you will clear all these Java programming written tests. Few job posts already provide direct opportunities for Oracle certified Java Programmers.

Many government projects require only certified Java Programmers. So there is good chance for getting government project assignments.

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