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PMP Success Stories 2018

Before embarking on the road of PMP success stories, let me drop few words about PMP itself, and why it is so important or so popular and highly demanded in every field. PMP stands for (Project Management Professional) the name already speaks of its necessity, because right management tools are what runs the business smoothly and successfully.

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Anyone getting PMP certification prides with success stories but before doing it, let’s consider PMP itself. And here we go, what is PMP? Why is so demanded and what should we expect after we get it? PMP certification is available in every country and different from other certifications it does not require particular location. After getting PMP certification one can work in any industry, using any methodology and take the approach towards the right decision, it can be done in any place around the world, because PMP certification is internationally acknowledged and accepted by all companies.

I would say, even more, the employees having PMP certification earn more (around 20%) than the other staff without the aforementioned certificate. Nearly all big or medium sized companies require PMP certification and no matter how long working experience you have in this or that field, priority is given to those who own PMP.

Having PMP certification is of mutual benefit, because the employee earns more, is apprised more and goes up the career strata faster than others, the employer has benefited from it too, as the work is done faster, all new and even original challenges and offers are handled faster, more skillfully and implemented without any obstacles, or any drawbacks are overcome without any problems and in time, PMP certification means to have the knowledge of flexibility in meeting all sorts of demands and requirement, setting goals rightly and choosing the right track for their fast and efficient achievement.

Even if you are already a project manager and you have to deal with all aspects connected with projects, will it be team leadership or project timely and efficient execution, PMP is the right choice for you as it will profound your experience with knowledge of all necessary tools you need for a successful running.

A lot of people get PMP because it is highly demanded certificate on a labor market, and anyone with it, is welcomed at any enterprise or institution or company because the certificate speaks of its quality and is well known worldwide.

Here are some PMP success stories, what was life before and after getting it, and they are quite inspirational in order to make a quick decision and to rush to get it, because we have no luxury to waste our time, it is going away and we have to keep pace with every demand to stay on the top and to upgrade our knowledge on a regular basis.

PMP Success Story 1

There are a lot of evidence of PMP success stories and one of them is a girl from India, who got at last after a long search for a proper job, that any industrial field and business world besides experience were demanding PMP certificate. So, there was no other way than getting it. She was just faced with the dilemma, how to get PMP certificate, by face to face training, or via eBook or with the help of online ones. As she said she chose face to face training, went through intensive courses, studied everything related to PMP and got the certificate, asap she held the certificate in her hands she did not have to wait long to get a well earning and proper job for her experience and educational background. She became demanded worker for any company and now she is the project management professional with vast experience and is working on the position of a project manager at Tpvision India Private Limited, as she declared she is appraised and earns more than before.

PMP Success Story 2

Another PMP success story is about Aswin who was very enthusiastic when taking the courses and always eager to get more information related to PMP, before that he was an ordinary one working and having no further plans for better career, as all companies offering good salaries required PMP, he was doing PMP as a part of his job, after getting the certificate he knew all the skills and had all tools in his hands to successfully manage every project that would come across, as he says the main thing is to remove the thinking block, to face all challenges freely and to be able to smoothly solve them, and his PMP coaching taught him all necessary rules to meet the high demands from the side of an employer. After he got certificate was evaluated more, was offered more salary and handled all difficult hopeless situations with success, at present the project manager at Hewlett-Packard having 10 years’ experience in the field and is successfully running the project under his responsibilities.

PMP Success Story 3

I would like to tell you my family member’s success story of PMP. He started working at one of the biggest oil companies and at the beginning he was just a coordinator, but as he was always full of responsibilities and born with managerial skills (as he was often told), he used to fulfill the duties levied upon him with great care, he was moving forward, but slowly, experience and his excellently implemented job was not enough, after considering the matter for a long time he hit upon the solution to get PMP, he chose face to face coaching and as he said he knew why he was moving slowly, because he was taught very necessary management skills he knew nothing about before, after getting the certificate, his career moved forward fast, he was promoted very often, was paid further more than before and at present he is successfully running all projects related to oil and gas and namely BP projects. He handles it easily and gets more pleasure from work because this is the field he loves, he is appreciated accordingly for his dedicated work.

It should be counted how important PMP certificate is, I would like to say once again that right management matters a lot, and without proper knowledge it is very hard to meet all growing demands on the market. PMP training will equip you with all necessary knowledge to be evaluated accordingly from the side of employers.

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