Learn Java programming language and you will always have a job

Top 10 reasons why Java is better for your IT Job

Java was originally invented in 1991 as a programming language for smart televisions, Oracle’s Java is still the most popular language in the world. After the programming language C, Java ranks No. 2 in popularity among programming languages.

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Java is excellent for developing enterprise applications in virtually any industry, including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.

Reason #1 : According to Oracle, “Java is estimated to be running on over 3 billion devices worldwide”. No other language runs on as many devices. Java lets you create programs that work almost anywhere, including smartphones, servers, ATMs, point of sale (POS) terminals, Blu-ray players, televisions, set top boxes, Internet of Things gateways, medical devices, Kindle E-readers, automobiles and more.

Reason #2 : Java is used in many of the world’s most prominent web sites, including eBay.com, Linkedin.com, Amazon.com, and Facebook.com. Java is  perfect for cloud development.

Reason #3 : An important factor in choosing a language is the availability of good developer tools to ensure productivity. Many tools are free or open source. NetBeans and Eclipse are great examples in the integrated development environment (IDE) space.

Reason #4 : With estimates as high as 9 million Java developers worldwide, Java has a vibrant and active community that works together to foster and grow this powerful programming language. There are multiple ways to get involved throughout your career.

Reason #5 : Oracle remains committed to Java with a strong development roadmap. In Java 9, which is scheduled for 2017 release, Oracle plans to modularize the platform while improving security and performance. This will enable Java to easily scale from large software systems to small devices, including embedded Internet of Things processors.

Reason #6 : Java continues to be one of the most popular programming languages in the world. According to the TIOBE Index for February 2016 and the IEEE Spectrum ranking, Java holds the title as the most popular programming language.

Reason #7 : Recent reports confirm Java programmers are among the highest paid programmers in the industry. Analysis by Quartz, a global digital business news publication, confirms it’s lucrative to have Java skills on your resume.

Reason #8 : Career planning company Gooroo indicates that Java remains one of the most popular and best paying languages in the US, UK and Australia in its 2015 salaries and demand report.

Reason #9 : Indeed.com, a worldwide employment-related search engine for job listing, reports that the average Java developer salary for job postings in February 2016 in the US is $102,000. The median salary for a Java developer in the U.S. is $83,975. There are 9 million Java developers worldwide.

Reason #10 : Gain more respect from your employer and secure your job by certifications. Many technical training institutions, colleges and universities offer courses in Java programming, however validating your skills by Oracle Java certification exam is good strength for your resume. Java Certification is one of the most well-respected developer certifications in the world.

java certification study guide practice exams

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