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The following resources are collected based on OCMJEA exam taker’s feedback

Resource Review Recommendations

EPractize Labs
OCMJEA 6 Exam Training Lab


The content has been moved to MyExamCloud. OCMJEA 6 Practice Tests )

This tool has 897 questions and 6 mock exams including the trial exam. There are only %1-1,5 repeated questions, mostly unique. The questions in this exam engine are very similar to the real exam. Also, it only costs $40.50. It’s very very worth it. Very Very Effective, Strongly Recommended

OCM Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Guide


Paul R. Allen and Joseph J. Bambara.

The most important things about this book are that it is the official exam guide for this certificate and that it defines the exam scope. Oracle gives the exam topics; however, it’s not clear the scope of these topic. For example, there are thousands pages written in the books about JSF, EJB or JPA and most of the times these books go to very detail about these topics. So, it could be difficult to know where to stop studying and not go to any more detail in a material. This book gives an idea how much detail to be studied in a topic. However, studying only this book is not enough to pass the exam. There are scenario-based questions in the exam. For example, there were about 30 scenario-based questions in mine. It shouldn’t be expected to find a direct answers to these questions in any book.

This book is not effective for the 1Z0-865 and 1Z0-866 exams.

Very Very Effective
The Java EE 6 Tutorial from Oracle


This book is the very first material which a candidate should study for the exam. It includes all the topics about the Java Enterprise and doesn’t go to unnecessary details. Very Very Effective, Strongly Recommended

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design


Brett D. McLaughlin, Gary Pollice, Dave West

In the exam, there were 1 or 2 questions about the object-oriented basics such as Encapsulation, Inheritance and the object-oriented principles such as Liskov substitution principle. This books includes all this information. I think, however, it could be answered to these questions without the help of this book. Not Effective

Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE


Inderjeet Singh, Beth Stearns, Mark Johnson, and the Enterprise Team

There is useful information in this book. However, it’s very little. Let’s say 5-10 pages in summary. It’s not reasonable to study 440 pages for only 5-10 pages. It’s not worth. Not Effective

The J2EE Architect’s Handbook


Derek C. Ashmore


This book is one of the good books I read during the process. In its preface, the author says “This book is not a study guide for any of the certification exams for Java and J2EE technologies provided by Sun Microsystems.” Take his advice and don’t spend time to study it for the exam. However, for the real world, it’s a good book to read for an architect. Not Effective

Head First Design Patterns,


Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman

This is the best learning book I’ve ever seen in my life. After studying the GoF patterns from here, there is no need to study another book. However, in order to answer to the questions in the exam, there is no need to study this book. There were 3-4 patterns questions in the exam. They were not scenario-based and not required to have very deep knowledge to answer. So, unfortunately, I assess this book as not effective on the points gotten. Not Effective

Real World Java EE Patterns


Adam Bien

This is another good book I studied during the process. The book’s language is developer-to-developer. There is no unnecessary sentence inside. However, there is no need to study this book to answer to the pattern questions. In the exam, there were questions about core J2EE patterns mostly. Also, this book contains very detailed information about JEE patterns. This detail level is too much for the 1Z0-807 and 1Z0-865 exam. From these reasons, I assess it as not effective for the exam. But, for the real world, any enterprise architect or developer should read it. Not Effective

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