Sun Java Certification SCJP Test vs.Oracle Java Certification OCPJP Test

An article about Java Programmer Certification before and after Oracle takeover Sun.

The term SCJP is still hot in Google searches; however the name has been completely changed now. In this article we will discuss more about Java Programmer Certification before and after Oracle’s takeover from Sun.

Java Birth

James Arthur Gosling, a Canadian computer scientist is the father of the Java programming language. The first Java appeared‎ on ‎May 23, 1995 (about 20 years ago) and during that time the total number of people working on Java were less than 30.

Current Java Market

The WWW technology is moved from 2 tier to 3 tier, 3 tier to n-tier and now n-tier to SOA based solutions for easy integration and maintenance. The current Java Technology is used to develop any kind of applications starting from Mobile App, Desktop App, n-tier server components and SOA based enterprise applications. According to Oracle Corporation, by 2006 over 30,000 organizations had become Fusion Middleware customers, including over 35 of the world’s 50 largest companies. The other big player IBM is also using Java.

The History of Java from Sun Microsystems

The Green Team from Sun Microsystems announced that the Netscape Navigator Internet browser would incorporate Java technology in 1995.
According to Oracle “Today, Java not only permeates the Internet, but also is the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-day lives. From mobile phones to handheld devices, games and navigation systems to e-business solutions, Java is everywhere!”.

During the initial stages, Sun versioned the Java language like Java SE 1.0, Java SE 1.1, Java SE 1.2 …etc. But after Java SE 1.4, it named the new version as Java SE 5.0.From then on the new version will be incremented by 1.0.

The History of Sun Java Certification SCJP Test vs. Oracle Java Certification OCPJP Test
Sun Microsystems released Java Certifications for programmers on each Java version. The name of the Java Programmer Certification is something like “Sun Certified Java Standard Edition 1.1 Programmer Certification” and the short form is SCJP.

The acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation was completed on January 27, 2010. After Oracle’s takeover, the certification names are re-branded with Oracle’s name. The new name for Java Programmer Certification is “Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer” and the short form is OCPJP.

This is the history behind SCJP vs. OCPJP. You can checkout all Java Programmer Certification practice tests and study courses at .

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