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Over a decade ago, EPractize Labs discharged the Sun Microsystems Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) Technology exam practice test systems. After four months of diligent work, the majority of our clients got Java Architect certificate and moved to next level in designation, the greater part of our item clients are joined Java certified club! Is it true that it was justified, despite all the trouble? In a word, yes. After Sun takeover to Oracle still it keeps on including more esteem for any Java Professionals. If you need to become an Oracle Java Certified designer, read on.

Why certification?

Any certification is just at par with the granting body. For our situation, the granting body is Oracle, the organization behind Java EE. Numerous different affirmations are accessible from different Java sellers. However, Oracle needs to certify and endorse architects for the Java EE stage, not for application or web servers.

The value of certification whether from a college or a company is frequently bantered in our industry. Moreover, every other thing being equivalent, I rate a certified Java EE architect more exceedingly than an uncertified designer. There is much more weakness in uncertified architects than unsuccessful Oracle-certified architects.

About Java Architect Exam

The Java EE architect affirmation exam is a decent approach to distinguish your resume. Applicants who consistently guarantee they are up to speed on the most recent advances and hold significant certification in their picked technological advancements increase the value of their organizations. If enrollment specialists take a look at two applicants, and one has the certification and the counterpart does not, whom do you think will be considered?”

It can be fun working towards accreditation. Have you ever needed to research a specific area of Unified Modeling Language (UML) or the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)? Use Java Architect accreditation. For instance, Step 2 let you assess UML demonstrating devices while Step 1 gave you the chance to bone up on enterprise integration viewpoints you may not have utilized recently, similar to screen scratching and legacy reconciliation. Java EE accreditation certainly isn’t easy it is diligent work.

What the exam is not

As Yoda may say, “one exam does not make an architect.” Don’t attempt and bootstrap yourself into a Java EE engineer accreditation if you do not have the expertise set to back it up. In the first place, you will battle to pass the exam, and second, being a Java EE engineer requires skills.

Additionally, the exam architects do is quietly not the same as Oracle’s other Java affirmations. “The architect exam is more dynamic, pretty much as engineering may be. The software engineer exams test whether a man comprehends the programming language. The developer exam tests whether a man can apply the programming language to take care of an issue. Furthermore, the architect exam tests whether a man can utilize his insight to offer a solution that a developer could execute,” Cade clarifies.

Regular applicant profile

The successful applicant falls into two fundamental categories: senior specialists who are presently architects in everything except name and established architects, perhaps from other innovation disciplines, who utilize the engineer accreditation to catch up on their Java EE mastery.

The difficulty in java expertise is to demonstrate you can devise and deliver a vigorous and right Java EE programming plan for a given issue. Other vital aptitudes incorporate the capacity to comprehend that there isn’t an immaculate solution for each given problem.

Exam structure

The exam is part into three segments.

Step 1 – Multiple Choice Java Architect Exams

Step 2 – Java Architect Assignment Solution

Step 3 – Essay Exam


Step 1

It comprises of 60 multiple choice questions, covering all parts of enterprise application plan with a solid spotlight on the Java EE 6 specification and architect. Step 1 tests you on points from outline patterns to the EJB particular’s center interfaces. You have to know EJB inside and out the distinctive sorts, their lifecycles. You should comprehend EJB compartments and potential EJB pitfalls. You likewise require a solid comprehension of another constituent Java EE advances, for example, JavaServer Pages (JSP), and XML support.

You should pass Step 1 preceding moving to Step 2.

Under step 2, applicants must present their Java EE based architecture solution for a given business situation. We cannot uncover the real business situations utilized, suffice it to say they contain both B2C (business-to-shopper) and B2B aspects. There isn’t much prep work that should be possible here; you should just utilize your abilities to devise a Java EE solution. Clear correspondence is vital; you should persuade the analyst you recognize what you are doing. Try not to accept anything. All delivered outlines must be UML consistent.

In Step 3, applicants must answer inquiries concerning their Step 2 entries. Your answers to these inquiries will be accessible to the same analyst who redresses your Step 2 submission, and he will cross-reference supplied answers with the submitted answer for assessing your answers.

Exam tips

The top oversights we’ve found in Step 2 and Step 3 entries.

Concerning Step 2, don’t get hung up on what demonstrating apparatus you use to create the predetermined UML deliverable. Clarity and rightness ought to be your primary objectives.

Future exams

Reflecting the advancement Java EE and its constituent advances keep on making, the architect exam itself is additionally under modification. The overhauled exam will cover Java EE 6 to 7 or 8, Java EE plan designs, the Java Connector Architecture (JCA), and outline approaches, for example great programming (XP).

The patched up exam will not include personal contacts with imminent applicants. As Cade says, “Quite a bit of being an architect is having the capacity to impart your thoughts composed and verbally. We can catch the composed part of the correspondence; however we cannot evaluate hopefuls on their verbal abilities.

A fascinating wonder is that answers submitted for Step 2 in the course of the most recent year have changed despite the fact that the exam itself has not. The appearance of Web administrations and a move towards more measured, administrations driven way to deal with the design when all is said in done reflects in the sorts of arrangements applicants submit.


Ideally, you now have a clearer feeling of Oracle’s Java EE engineer certification and comprehend why we trust it is well worth seeking after. It is hard work, yet the prize is worth upon successful completion, you will be a renowned architect.

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