Preparing for the Java Certification

How to prepare for the Java Certification? Please read this article for complete details.

Java is often seen as an old and overlooked programming language, however, it’s just as important today as it ever has been. Over 3 billion devices are estimated to run using Java Code. Popular web applications such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail make at least some use of Java, and the code is even found on set top boxes and mobile devices. With over 9 million developers getting certified is a must. The popularity of Java increased in the 2000’s when the language was made open source.

Not all that long ago the Sun Java certification was one of the most popular qualifications for programmers. However, after Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 they made the qualifications much more confusing. The examination names changed from the familiar SCJP to OCPJP, then OCJP and it’s now known as OCA and OCP. This confusion has caused some people to stop studying for the important qualification.

The confusion is made worse because of the rate Java evolves. Each new release of Java introduces various new features. As a result new titles for the certifications are used. Trying to understand the differences between qualifications can be very time consuming.

Why Study for Java Qualifications?
The only reason for a person to study and get Java certification is if it benefits them. Most programmers who study for Java certification will find it much easier to get a good paying job as a result.

How Java Certification can Help your Career:
– Improves programming and computer knowledge
– Makes yourself stand out from unqualified candidates
– Become qualified for a range of Java development jobs
– Inspires trust

The Java certification is certainly a useful qualification for any computer programmer to obtain. Of course, you will only be able to benefit from the certification if you pass the exam and study correctly. There are a number of different resources that you can use to help prepare for the exam so you improve your chances of success.

Preparation Materials to Make Studying Easier:
– Realistic Practice Tests
– Study resources
– Online practice questions
– Books and study guides

MyExamCloud makes it very easy for anyone to succeed and gain a valuable Java qualification in no time at all. MyExamCloud creates users tailored study plans which includes lots of different study resources. If you already have some basic Java experience, then you will find it even easier to get the Java certification.

Discover all of the features of the OCAJP 8 Java Qualification Study Plan here:

All you need to do is create a new personalized plan to aid your learning. If you are a new user of MyExamCloud then you will first need to register for an account by entering a few pieces of information.

MyExamCloud has a number of different resources to help you plan, practice and refine your skills. These are all available in the exam dashboard. Once you are logged into MyExamCloud go to the exam dashboard at

It’s also very easy for candidates to set new goals and monitor their progress in the planning section. Goals can be set according to the objectives required for the exam. This will help with preparation and improve the chances of success.

Goals can be set easily by dragging and modifying values on the set goals page. Once goals are set they can be saved by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.

Free Practice Exam – You are able to take a free practice test to find out how much you know about Java programming. It’s even possible for candidates to practice without buying the study plan. This is a good way to assess the quality of the Java learning materials and make sure that it’s the right course for you. Try out the practice tests here

Ebook Study Guide – You can read the study guide online and also download it to your tablet or ebook reader for further study offline. The ebook is very useful since it covers all of the theory and also explains answers to questions. This gives candidates a much better understanding of the topic and how to answer exam questions. Access the ebook study guides by visiting here There are also a range of different explanations of exam questions here

These two sections are very important since they will help to immerse the candidate in the subject of Java programming. This should improve awareness and expand your overall knowledge and understanding. If you understand what a question is asking, then you will find it much easier to remember and answer correctly.

Quick Exam Practice – No matter how much time you have available, you have enough to practice and for the Java qualification. The quick exam practice can be done online. Each question needs to be answered within a set period of time. This can help improve understanding. It’s advisable to try all of the practice quick exams online by visiting

Mock Exam Practice – MyExamCloud also feature some mock and past exams. You can practice answering these questions. Also after trying to answer yourself there are explanations for each answer to help improve understanding.

When using these three different preparation tools you are able to send any questions and queries direct to the authors of the MyExamCloud authors.

There are also two further sections in Achieve, including the Goals Tracker and Report.

Report – Report is useful and gives you a good overview of your preparation for the exam. The reports will indicate progress and results of all the practice tests and exams you have tried to complete. The reports lab is separated into different sections, choose the exam lab for more details. Check out the reports section by visiting here

Focus Lab – The focus lab is a very useful tool which will help to highlight any areas which you are struggling with. It will remember how many times each question has been answered incorrectly which is a very beneficial way to improve your chances of passing.

Goals Tracker – The goals tracker displays graphics to help you to understand your goals and achievements. This helps to show whether or not you are on track and ready to sit the exam. View your goals tracker by visiting the link here:

The Java Certification can certainly improve your career prospects and is worthwhile studying for. If you are serious about obtaining the Oracle Java Certification then you will find it much easier when using MyExamCloud. The preparation materials available will help to teach you and explain how to answer exam questions. More details can be found here:

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