Introduction to Java Certification Programs Through MyExamCloud

Introduction to Oracle Java Certification Programs Through MyExamCloud

The Oracle-Certification Program grants certifications related to all the Oracle products and related technologies and techniques. Certifications are earned through a series of performance assignments, hands-on training and examinations or any combination of the three. Certifications are professional benchmarks for expertise and experience that help you make a positive impression on employers current and potential.

MyExamCloud Java Certification Study Plans helps you study for the 5 levels of Oracle Certifications: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS), and Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) and the separate Java Programmer series available. These 5 levels of credentials are essentially spread across 9 pillars and then broke down further by product family and grouping.

Oracle certifications are tested through Pearson VUE and require the tests, training, any prerequisite certificates and the proper course verification forms all specific to the certification.

The Oracle Certification are tiered

  • Associate Certification– Lay the groundwork for all the proceeding certifications. The OCA clears candidates as equipped to progress through further certification with a solid foundation and the right groundwork for supporting the Oracle products. An entry level certification to start a career off on the right foot.
  • Professional Certification– Build on the foundation you built with your OCA and gain knowledge in a particular area of Oracle technologies. Oracle Certifies Professionals demonstrate next level knowledge and skill, OCP are often seen on IT management to elevate their standing with current or potential employers.
  • Master Certification– Denotes the very highest level of skill and ability in Oracle technologies. Their knowledge base expands to the most difficult and pressing questions and they are able to solve complex issues posed during most process. Typically an OCM follows the OCP and OCA, building on the basis of the previous certifications to apply skills to more difficult issues as one progresses ensuring all the fundamentals are in place.
  • Expert Certification– Outside of the previous hierarchy an Expert (OCE) possess a specialized education focused on niche based skills in domains, technologies or architectures. While typically seen with at least one other certification an OCA or OCP, the OCE is a separate certification falling under one of the umbrella competencies, independent from other options.
  • Specialist Certification– Like an OCE the OCS is also an independent certification that does not require previous certifications and is often assigned via performance orientations of existing employees, typically through a partner. These are very focused on a certain skill, set of skills or product. They denote highly focused expertise. A partner is not required to obtain this certification.
  • BONUS: Oracle Certified Junior-Associate (OJA)- Oracle offers certification specifically for students and future professionals in the computer science fields.

MyExamCloud Java Certification Study Plans offers study programs for all these certifications and more to help you plan, practice and study for certifications to better yourself and your career. So you can successfully pass your Pearson VUE exams and breeze through the other qualifications needed for your certificate.

Previously the Sun-Certified Java Programmer- Oracle has split this Java Programmer certification into two separate certificates after Java 7.

  • Oracle Certified Associate-Java SE Programmer I– To gain this certification you must pass a simple test that confirms you have and can demonstrate a solid as well as comprehensive understanding of Java programming language. While more advanced certifications test A.P.I, this particular entry level certification focuses on other variable, ensuring you have a solid foundation to build on. Possible subjects include arrays, class and interface definition, encapsulation, polymorphism ,exception handling, and flow control. Basic A.P.I knowledge is required to pass the certification requirements, but you will not be tested specifically on it, that will come later.
  • Oracle Certified Professional-Java SE Programmer– This certification involves a fundamental exam covering Java and some SE API’s. This certificate is an essential prerequisite to many other more advanced certificates with Java.
    It covers core concepts and features in the programming language, testing a wide spectrum of API”S and features from the basics like variables and looping concepts to rather more complex topics like Threads, Generics and Collections. It doesn’t cover specific technologies, but it covers API’s in the standard library. It test to show understanding and does not test a programmers abilities.
    You are assessed through a multiple choice test which you must book at least one week in advance.

Java certifications in these tiers are currently available in Java 7 and 8 with the test available in multiple languages.

After deciding on your certificate, getting prepared to test could take some time, so after using MyExamCloud Java Certification Study Plans to the extent of its abilities start the process as soon as possible. Set-up and certify accounts with Pearson VUE and CertView and purchase a voucher from the Oracle University, good for 6 months.

Feel free to set up and attend special training offered through Oracle University and take practice tests. These are optional, but helpful steps between the point of feeling ready and your test date.

In the event of a failure in examination, there is a two week period before you are allowed to retest, with specifications on payment and a no refund policy for instances of no show.

Passed exams are requirements for every level of certification, but some require more than just test scores and not all exams are multiple choice like; the Java E.E Master certification. Which consists of assignments and an essay portion, with failed elements allowed to be resubmitted within a span of 30 days. These test are of high difficulty requiring 37/60 questions be answered correctly making a passing score around 60 percent. In 90 question exams require a higher pass rate of 65 percent.

MyExamCloud Java Certification Study Plans is a personal and professional development platform designed to help people prepare and properly study for their upcoming exams to the best of their and our abilities. We cover online test, practice test generator and certification preparation to help individuals and companies reach their goals.

Oracle product certifications are some of the certification programs we offer. We want to see you succeed in your goals for by all indications; we could as well be your next big thing.

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