Know more about Java Programmer Certification

Learn about Oracle Certified Java Certified Programmer Certification

Java professionals always wanted to take up the OCJP certification for career growth.

Before Java SE 7
You only needed to take just one exam (OCPJP6) to become OCPJP certified.

After Java SE 7
Since Java SE 7, Oracle Java Programmer Certifications are splitted into two different certifications: 1. OCA for Java Programmer – the entry-level exam and covers core Java and Object-Oriented basics. 2. OCP for Java Programmer – the more advanced exam and covers a lot of advanced topics such asgenerics, threads, concurrency, JDBC, File IO, NIO2, Java Date/Time API,etc.

There are four options available to become Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer.
OCPJP 6 (Just take single exam and attain OCPJP certificate for Java SE 6)
OCAJP 7 + OCPJP 7 (Take two exams and attain OCPJP certificate for Java SE 7)
OCAJP 8 + OCPJP 8 (Take two exams and attain OCPJP certificate for Java SE 8)
You can upgrade to OCP, Java SE 7 Programmer from any OCJP or SCJP version.
You can also upgrade to Java SE 8 OCP from Java SE 7 OCP or from Java SE 6 and all prior versions.

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The certifications are serialized through the examination unique exam numbers and exam objectives. The Java programmer certifications are very popular among other Oracle certifications.

The major compliments and core values of the certification are through the ability in which the certification through the practice tests and examinations as the gauging factor contributes to the well understanding of the Declaration, initialization and scoping development through the explanation of the classes.

The certification is driven towards the Flow control in which the candidate will utilize in the field in the essence of the code implementation and switch statements.

The other significant value attributed to this certification is the knowledge acquired in making the API content. This s achieved through the navigating of the system, through the reading and writing of the files.

The certification is very ideal for the professional in making sure that they harshen their object oriented concepts and the concurrency attributes of the Java SE programmers.

The fundamentals are also well articulated in the certification just to keep the professional programs up to the standard.
The exam preparation includes the initial use of the recommended training courses offered by the Oracle University.

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