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The is the world's first free exam preparation portal. Access Now!

The is the education portal for online exam creators. It is absolutely free with full access. The main goal of this application is to improve education by online practice tests, online quiz exams and eBooks.

The online test contain elements of one or more of the following components, depending on the subject: single choice questions, multiple choice questions, fill-in the blank questions, match the following questions and descriptive type questions.

The will show instant and detailed reports with strength and weakness, as well as flexibility of re-taking the exam anywhere. These are just two of the many benefits associated with this online exam portal. There are many resources available that provide online tests, but ExamBoat is the only free site and others may charge fees or require a membership.

The practice tests are a vital part of determining student’s achievement. They are used to determine the knowledge gained by students and to determine if adjustments need to be made to either the teaching or learning process.

What a Teacher can do with ExamBoat?
You can simply logon to ExamBoat and start creating your own tests for your students. Just click publish to get approval from ExamBoat’s staff. We recommend you to create your own questions with good explanations for your students. The test will be live on the portal once it is approved. You can share your exam to your students by email or social sharing like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

What a Student can do with ExamBoat?
You can search and take exams online. The good way to use ExamBoat is to create a Study Plan for your subject. Then you can add practice/quiz tests and eBooks to your Study Plan from ExamBoat’s exam dashboard page The exam dashboard comes with set goals section to set milestone for your preparation. You can check your milestone progress at view goals section anytime. You can also share your reports to your friends.

What a Parent can do with ExamBoat?
The ExamBoat aims to offer all kind of exams starting from Kid. You can create an account in the name of your kid and start creating study plan. You can also create your own exams for your kids. Your kid can take exam from your laptop or from iPhone.

You can either search exam at search box or browse exams by following categories.

  • School
  • Colleges
  • Job and Interviews
  • Competitive Exams
  • Government Exams
  • Certification Exams
  • Other Exams

The ExamBoat is still in startup stage, so you could expect more exams in near future. Keep watching !

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