About ExamBoat.com

Free exam practice tests collected according to different disciplines and programs from preschool to PhD perspective.

Comparing ExamBoat to watercraft that floats on the ocean of knowledge sheds light on the nature of this online platform for practicing exams. An interested party, being a student, teacher, professional, etc., from a preschool to PhD perspective, may take advantage of practice tests collected according to different disciplines and programs, like social sciences, physics, biology, TOEFL, software for architects, to name a few. The complexity of the tests varies from categories like school and college to job/interviews to competitive, government or certification exams, etc.

ExamBoat as an exam sharing website comprises the services, software, data and products that may suit any demanding user’s needs for testing knowledge, expertise, information gaps… Services and applications related to a study plan, an online exam or an exam that may be downloaded, and an offline lab that generates tests fall within the scope of the most successful tools supporting the user’s search. A link to a website of a third party may be available, too, and the access, however, is governed by the terms and conditions of ExamBoat. Comments may be submitted, too.

In practical terms, the user of this free online exam platform should organize a study plan in order to take the exam, and it acts also as a tracker of learning objectives and gaps of knowledge. The tracking process is followed via the ExamDashboard. That methodology succumbs to the criteria of planning, practicing and achieving by obtaining reports for the sake of the user’s performance and results. The subject or topic drives the user – preschool children, students, teachers, etc. – to the exam collections, and the plan provides the comfort of a focused effort. In the Search field, an example plan may be checked before elaborating on a personalized one. A private version of the plan may be available, too, instead of sharing it as a public option. There are concrete steps how it may be created.

A login is needed to take an exam either online or to download it. The exam category, mentioned above, should be selected in order to proceed with the test. Indications related to the exact number of questions, the authors, updates, etc., will appear to provide maximum information for the user. In addition to the exam categories, other exams may be available, too. IQ tests, Java tutorials, quizzes for design patterns, and many others are embraced by this category.

Some of the features of ExamBoat may be accessed via signing in with Google or Facebook login. Intellectual property rights are strictly followed by the platform and its users. The content of the user enjoys personal ownership rights. ExamBoat is granted, however, distribution and promotion of the services. The compliance with law enforcement allows for its integrity. All conditions are regulated by the terms of service of the platform, and the professional approach to both users and content brings home the deep impression of the credibility of this online practice environment.

With ExamBoat.com you can reach your exam destiny. It is trust and respect that drive the ambition and endeavors of all stakeholders in this process.

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