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MyExamCloud OCEJWCD 6 practice tests helps you to pass the Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert exam in first attempt. Prepare with one of the best OCEJWCD 6 Study Course developed by Java Certified Experts. 100% Test Pass Guarantee.

OCPJP 8 Upgrade (All Versions) Practice Tests and eBooks are available online at MyExamCloud Exam Simulator. This course contents can be accessed from PC, Mac, iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ Device. Mobile Apps available on iTunes and Android stores.

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Who created MyExamCloud OCEJWCD 6 Practice Tests?

OCEJWCD 6 simulator providing you with complete preparation materials for Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam, along with mock and quiz questions. Each and every mock question on MyExamCloud has been created by highly qualified Java architects. They are highly qualified individuals, who have 15 years of experience in Java EE technologies.

OCEJWCD 6 Exam Information

The OCEJWCD 6 (Oracle Certified Expert, EE 6 Web Component Developer) certification improves Java EE web tier technology components (JSP & Servlets) design and development skills. This Java Certification tests Java EE 6 JSP & Servlet key concepts, annotations, MVC design, EL tags, web.xml improvements, security and deployment. Java EE 6 specification has been updated for these new features, so the experienced Java EE developers also need to learn this new changes by preparing for this exam.

Exam Process

Exam Number: 1Z0-899
Exam Title: Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert


Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certification Path

Passing this exam is on of the requirement to earn Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer. This assignment has been validated against EE 5 and EE 6.

Number of Questions: 57 Questions
Exam Duration 140 Minutes
Passing Score: 64%
Exam Format Multiple Choice
(which can have single or multiple answers)
Validated Against Java EE 6
Exam Price Price May vary from Country to country. Refer Oracle site for latest pricing.

The real exam is a computer based test provided by pearsonvue and it can be taken from any local test centers in your country.

Who can take OCEJWCD 6?

Set The New Java Standard With Java EE 6 Web Component Certification. Java EE 6 significantly changes the web tier components, WAF (Web Application Framework) and APIs. Java EE 6 JSF Certification gives you the tools to make the most of new features. The Java EE 6 Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) Web Component Certification provides a foundational understanding of Java EE web Tier as well as MVC programming in general. So it suits for most Java EE Professionals starting from beginner to expert.

  • Java EE Aspirants
  • Java EE Developer looking for Job
  • Java EE Trainers

OCEJWCD 6 Sample Question

The following practice question is taken from MyExamCloud OCEJWCD 6 Study Plan.


Which of the following are true about page and pageContext in JSP pages?

[ Choose two ]


Choice A: The page and pageContext are implicit JSP Objects.

Choice B: The pageContext is implicit JSP Object and page object must be explicitly created in init method.

Choice C: pageContext can forward request to another JSP page

Choice D: page can forward request to another JSP page

Answer and Explanation:

Choice A and Choice C are correct

The page and pageContext are implicit JSP Objects. The page object represents the generated servlet instance itself, i.e., it is same as the "this" keyword used in a Java file.

As a result, you do not typically know who the super class is, and consequently do not normally make use of this object or its methods.

The pageContext object represents the environment for the page, containing useful information like page attributes, access to the request, response and session objects, as well as the JspWriter referenced by out.

  • This object also has methods for including another URL's contents, and for forwarding or redirecting to another URL.

21 OCEJWCD 6 Practice Questions - Free

You can access 21 Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Practice Questions, from MyExamCloud OCEJWCD 6 Practice Mock Exam

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After OCEJWCD 6 Exam

Within 30 minutes of completing your OCEJWCD 6 Certification exam, you will receive an email from Oracle notifying you that your exam results are available in CertView. If you have previously authenticated your CertView account, simply login and select the option to "See My New Exam Result Now."

If you have not authenticated your CertView account yet at this point, you will need to proceed with your account authentication.

Authentication requires an Oracle Single Sign On username and password and the following information from your Pearson VUE profile: email address and Oracle Testing ID. You will be taken to CertView to log in once your account has been authenticated.

Sample OCEJWCD 6 Certificate

Sample Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certificate

OCEJWCD 6 Benefits

The reason for taking Oracle Java Certification is to differentiate general programmers from certified experts. You may get additional benefits like getting a good job, salary hike, designation changes, role changes and higher promotion.

Stand out from the millions of Java crowd. Increase your marketability with OCEWCD 6 Certification on the most used programming language in the world - Java.

The certification empowers in driving Java EE Web Architecture for enterprise applications. The Web Component certified professional can be able to design web applications using standard architectures, protocols, technologies and components as well as configure JSP/Servlet within the Web Container. These professionals will have a working knowledge of how to design views using JSP, custom tags and design and develop the model using JavaBeans or Pojos. They should also be able to integrate external resources, navigation flow/redirection, models and views using events and security.

How to register for OCEJWCD 6

  • Step 1:Oracle :: Pearson VUEOpen this page, If you are a first time visitor then click on Create an account
  • Step 2:Click on Proctored Exams
  • Step 3:You will see a screen to search exam. Enter the exam code you want to give. You can get exam code details at Java Certifications MyExamCloud Exam Collections
  • Step 4:You will see the exam name, fees for the exam and language of exam in the screen, Click on Schedule this exam.
  • Step 5.You will see Confirm Exam Selection screen, click on the Proceed to Scheduling.
  • Step 6. Now, Enter into the search box, the near by place for test center. Select the test center and click on Next.
  • Step 7.Select Date and Time on which you will write your exam.
  • Step 8.Check the information again, date and time. After confirming then click on the Proceed to Checkout.
  • Step 9.After that you need to check the information and enter the credit card details.

Congrats, you have successfully scheduled your Java Certification exam.

OCEJWCD 6 Topics

Exam Topics:

Introduction to Java Servlets

  • Describe web applications, CGI, and the role of Java
  • Describe benefits of Java servlet technology
  • Create a simple Java Servlet
  • Define three-tier architecture
  • Define Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture

Introduction to Java Server Pages

  • Describe why Servlets are not the whole solution
  • Describe essentials of JSPs
  • Understand the fundamentals and reasons for MVC architecture

Implementing an MVC Design

  • Code a controller using a servlet
  • Code a view using a JSP
  • Forward control from a servlet to a JSP
  • Understand fundamentals of EL
  • Implement a simple MVC system

The servlet's environment

  • Understand more details of the HTTP protocol
  • Understand fundamentals of HTML forms
  • Understand fundamentals of the HttpServlet and related APIs
  • Write code that manages client sessions and cookies

Container facilities for servlets and JSPs

  • Understand the purpose and structure of deployment descriptors
  • Control context root and servlet mapping
  • Create and use context and init parameters
  • Use annotations to configure servlets

More view facilities

  • Understand the four data scopes
  • Understand and use EL dot and array access operators with Java Beans, arrays, and collections
  • Understand and use EL implicit objects
  • Create and use arithmetic expressions in EL
  • Identify the need for iteration and selection in the view, and use JSTL tags to address those needs

Developing JSP pages

  • Understand the origins, benefits, and weaknesses of JSPs
  • Describe JSP technology, the conversion of JSPs to servlets, and the lifecycle of JSPs
  • Understand JSP scripting elements, declarations and directives
  • Use JSP implicit variables
  • Understand and use jsp: tags

Developing JSP pages using custom tags

  • Relate the JSTL to common job roles in web application development and understand the use of tags in JSP development
  • Recognize correct syntax for tags
  • Configure a JSP to use tags from the JSTL
  • Write JSP code using several standard tags
  • List capabilities of JSTL tags/span>

More Controller facilities

  • Understand the servlet lifecycle
  • Describe and use more advanced elements of the servlet APIs
  • Create filters and use them in web applications

More options for the Model

  • Understand the roles of JDBC and JPA
  • Understand the many elements that make up the model
  • Understand fundamentals of connecting to a database using JDBC or JPA

Asynchronous web applications

  • Understand the interactions that are essential to asynchronous web pages
  • Understand the role of AJAX-style client side programming
  • Implement asynchronous servlets using the facilities of Java EE 6

Web application security

  • Understand the role of the container in security
  • Describe and implement four authentication models
  • Force the use of encryption between a web application and the client browser

Understand the role of JAAS in pluggable/extensible authentication for web applications


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I found the Training Lab Exams to be fantastic! The questions were more intense than the actual exams. It has become a common practice for the training staff at our company to recommend your products. Thanks!