Design your own Employment Test and gear-up your Interview Process

Increase ROI and reduce training cost by creating your own Employment Tests.

Employment Testing is must needed for any kind of organization to get qualified candidates for achieving greater results in smart manner. There are tons of Employment Testing companies available and they all have created their own questionnaires and tests for assessment. This type of common questionnaires cannot access specialized skills or expectation required for a company.

To get 100% qualified candidates, you must create your own Employment Test and assess them.

Before starting how to create your own Employment Test, you need to know the types of Employee Testing.

Personality tests – Tests individual skills required in aspects of job performance such as leadership and effectiveness in a team environment.

Intelligence tests – Tests of general intelligence required for job performance. More intelligent person is able to perform a given job more efficiently.

Job knowledge tests – Testing specialized knowledge or technical skills.

Situational judgment tests – Scenarios in a multiple choice format questions. Situational judgment items measure the suitability of applicants for employment by assessing their abilities such as problems-solving, service-orientation and achievement-striving.

Different types of assessments may be used for employment testing, including personality tests, intelligence tests, work samples, and assessment centers. Some correlate better with job performance with others; employers often utilize more than one to maximize predictive power.

Just follow these steps to define your own Employee Testing

1. Prepare questions for your employee testing (text, voice, descriptive types, etc). You may need to get these from your technical team or the team where new employees may work with. Load all questions into your online exam software.
Scenario based job specific questions (to test the experience) will be the better choice to test experienced candidates.

2. Group the candidates into Job requirements and create Examinee’s profiles.

3. Associate Tests to groups and ask the candidates to take tests. Shortlist and select the profiles for next level.

Advantages of creating your own Employment Testing

* Reduce training cost and increase ROI
* To identify the right people for the right assignment
* To reduce the recruitment time and cost
* HR Team can easily assess the technical skills of the applicants without
* Investing the effort of the technical panel
* Match organization requirements in the form of assessment.
* Screen the candidates based on actual skills instead of blind resumes

Good luck for your employment success !

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