Online Employment Testing – Carving a well qualified employees

The supremacy to augment your business is by potent employees those deliver
commanding output. But identifying the right resource to your assignment is
a tedious task without proper recruitment screening. Pre-employment testing
consumes cost, time and human resources also.

The better way of screening is by Online Employment Testing.

Why employee testing is important?

  • To identify the right people for the right assignment
  • To reduce the recruitment time and cost
  • HR Team can easily assess the technical skills of the applicants without
  • investing the effort of the technical panel
  • Match organization requirements in the form of assessment.
  • Screen the candidates based on actual skills instead of blind resumes

Successful Employment testing process

  • Identify the skill set required to your assignment and create online tests.
  • Scenario based job specific questions (to test the experience) will be the better choice to test experienced candidates.
  • Plan for your employment testing (involves creating the candidates profiles,
  • tests, and groups)
  • Intimate the candidates to prove their skills by taking the relevant online
  • tests.
  • Assess and screen the candidates based on score criteria.

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