Test Generator Lab Save School Teachers Time

Exam Generator for Teachers to conduct computer based exams

EPractize Labs Software delivering education software tools since 2004. We received so many emails from School Teachers about computer based exam tools. They are looking for a better way to offer a more complete exam to their students. After some research, EPractize Labs determined a test generator tool that will be most suitable for school teachers to conduct computer based tests to save time.

The Test Generator Lab features are highly professional, that had great components like Manage Test Event, License Lock Tests, Graphical Question Editor and much more.

Most teachers are looking better quality questions than he was getting from his standard textbook exams. After a lot of searching, EPractize Labs found ExamBoat, an onine exam sharing website, free web/mobile App that writes and publishes test-item data-banks for school, college, certification, government, job and interviews, math, science and social studies. The exams can be taken online or downloaded for Test Generating Lab software.

Test Generator Lab software work with any level of teaching. Teachers can search for tests at examboat.com by subject, topic or standard. Teachers can create their own tests at Test Generator Lab and allows teachers to use not only for testing but also drill and practice/homework assignments. All the questions in the Test Generator Lab tests are editable and exam maker can even import their own graphics for a question/choices.

With Test Generator Lab teachers make quality tests at a faster rate. After writing test questions, it can be published for online access or exported to any Test Generator Lab.

Test Generating Software should be affordable for most schools. Test Generator Lab charges just $30 per installation for testauthoring and free for taking tests. Your exam taker can take test from any free Test Generator Lab. For a school, just singleTest Generator Lab is enough to create and conduct computer based exams. There are three different versions of TestGenerator Lab available, you can check the details at http://www.epractizelabs.com/testgenerator/ .

A lot of teachers use Test Generator Lab to create offline tests for their students. The Test Generator Software has been keep on optimized for teachers based on their feedback. Teachers can make tests, export tests, share test homework to students and see how their students score all within one tool. Teacher can conduct online exam if both teacher and student connected over internet.

Integrating Test Generator Lab practice tests can be a good way to diversify your teaching style, but also make knowledge transfer fun for your students.

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