Test Generator Software tool for Teachers

Test Generator Lab Quiz Making Software

It is the globe’s leading most advanced management tool appropriate for carrying out any kind of offline test by students and teachers. This awesome tool is developed and distributed by Global Skill Development and Skill Evaluation leader, EPractize Labs Software. It assists students to prepare well in advance for exams. Teachers are privileged to create multiple tests for practice purposes and distribute to students. For students and any other exam taker, the tool is totally free. Test creators need to purchase a license at affordable prices.

Generating manual questions and exam printouts, at no time has ever been easier. it is hectic and time consuming work for teachers. Thanks to quiz maker that came in to solve the problem. It is not only quick and easier to generate exams but also tests look professional, furthermore it’s an enjoyable process. Teachers don’t need to serve those within only, there’s an option for exporting to other takers through email or providing download links. It is indeed an indispensable software teachers should use.

Test Generator Lab improves confidence and career potential in different ways. It is going to be an essential tool needed for home computers, all training and recruitment institutions. Teachers can prepare IQ tests for young children and variety of practice tests for college students. This improves their preparation upto over 150%.

Who can use this software and where?

In the current competitive world, tests are all over especially with internet supportability across the globe. Teachers and trainees have to test individual’s qualification for certain posts, online jobs and school grading.

  • All schools –universities, colleges and even high schools.
  • Candidates waiting to sit for national exams.
  • Organizations offering IT training-to prepare IT professionals for certification.
  • Government Organizations can conduct pre-employment test.
  • Recruitment Agencies.
  • Job seekers are given a chance to practice aptitude test before interview.

How teachers can use the software?

This Test Generator Software has a capability to support upto 8 varieties of question types including a user-friendly content editor for adding images. Once a teacher has created a test, a test taker need to load test files go straight to answering questions. Identify your areas of weakness and concentrate on it to improve your performance. There is also a performance graph for teachers and more specifically test takers to keep track of their performance index.

Now is where teachers can find the purchase worthy. Apart from creating free tests for students in an institution, teachers can create protected test files and sell them. The license manager is optimized to produce license keys for your protected test files. That’s why this is the best test generator for teachers-another source of income.

Questions types.

  • Single choice questions. Select an answer from the given options
  • Multiple choice questions. Select one or more answers from the given options
  • Filling in blanks. Fill in blank spaces with the most appropriate word(s)
  • Descriptive type questions. Type the answer in the text area provided.
  • Drag and drop. Drag the correct item from the list given and drop it in a given place holder.
  • Match the answer. Select the correct choice that matches the given criteria.
  • Single text answer. Type the answer in the text field provided
  • Select the best options-select the correct item from the list of items given in the combo box.

Focus lab stores all the wrongly answered questions in every lab, classifies the questions based on the number of attempts. This help takers to select those questions that were attempted multiple times wrongly and focus on reattempt to improve on it. Teachers are also made aware to revisit the topic for clarity.

Test generator has 3 different editions to serve people’s varied needs.

  1. Standard edition

This is an offline software for managing exams including performance appraisal, training assessment, exam revision etc. online exam capability on your desktop by this free edition. It has a support for two different question types and in any language.

  1. Business Edition

It is more like standard edition except that it support 8 different question types, creating licensed attachments for emailing and test files locking.

  1. Advanced Edition

Its support ability is like the business edition but with a more advanced user interface.

Similar products currently in the market, no one beat the test lab generator. It is economical for both teachers and students or test takers-free to take a test and test files created can be sold.

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