What is OCEJWCD?

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What is OCEJWCD 6?
Oracle′s Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam (1Z0-899, OCEJWCD 6) to achieve Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certification.
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How to attend OCEJWCD 6?
You need to complete 1Z0-899 OCE for Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam to achieve this certification.
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How long I need to prepare to get good score?
You can access our Time Estimator to know your preparation estimation at http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification-advisor/time-estimator.php?s=11
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What are the study materials are recommended for this certification?
EPractize Labs offer complete Training Material that includes set of Mock Exams to prepare for this certification. You can download at http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification/sun/oce-jsp-servlet-exam-6.html
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What are the benefits I can achieve after completing this exam?
  • The certification empowers in driving Java EE Web Architecture for enterprise applications.
  • OCE certified experts can easily evaluate various design options, frameworks, software COTS components, etc.
  • Being a certified expert will help to improve your career potential, gain more respect, boost up your job security and opportunities.
  • With OCE certification, you are more competitive in the job market.
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What other certifications I can take after completing this certification?
You can take following exams after completing OCEJWCD 6

SCEA 5 Part 1 Exam, SCEA 5 Part 2 & 3 Exam, OCE 6 Web Services Developer,  OCE 6 EJB Developer Exam, OCE 6 JPA Developer Exam, SCMAD 1 Exam, SCJD 6 Exam
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Where do I get free mock exam to test my knowledge?
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Where do I get free Tutorial for this exam?
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Where do I get complete exam objectives?
You can visit Oracle site at http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=527 or Download EPractize Labs Java EE 6 JSP and Servlet OCE Training Lab and click Plan > Objective to know more details about this certification.
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How much cost I need to pay for this exam?
You need to pay $ 300 for this exam.
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How many years of experience are recommended?
No Experience is recommended.
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Is there any prerequisite for this certification?
Oracle Certified Professional, Java (SE 5, SE 6,or SE 7) Programmer orSun Certified Java Programmer (any edition)
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What is the passing score of this exam?
OCEJWCD 6 Exam passing score is 64%.
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How many numbers of questions are available in this exam?
OCEJWCD 6 Exam contains 57 questions.
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How much time duration for this exam?
OCEJWCD  6 Exam time duration is 140 minutes.
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What kind of knowledge I can achieve after completing this certification?
This certification is geared toward experienced developers of Java technology applications. Certified individuals should have the knowledge and skills to quickly build web applications suited to any Java EE 6 application server using JSP and servlet technologies. They should be familiar with the current methods for analyzing, designing, developing, and deploying web applications with Java technologies and have some experience in constructing and deploying the small-to-medium scale web applications found in intranet and low-volume commercial sites.