10 tips to get you a job as a Java Fresher

Java Fresher interview tips by MyExamCloud

The software companies are still hiring freshers every year.   During the Java fresher interview many of them just handed over their resumes, only few will be selected for next round and very few people will be appointed as fresher Java developer.

So you confused about your skills and losing confidence to get Java fresher job. Here are some tips that you should adopt when job-hunting as a Java fresher.

Improve your skills

Each of Java version has unique APIs and components.  Despite knowing all Java versions, it can be difficult to realize what those changes are and how to use them well in programming. Whether you’re Java 8 programmer or Java 7 programmer, there are professional ways to improve your Java skills and get ready for interview.

You should be a good Java program writer on plain paper without any compilation issues.

The following skills are must needed for any Java fresher:

OO Concepts – Class, Object, Inheritance, Interface, Abstraction, Encapsulation and Polymorphism.

String and StringBuilder – You can find tons of free resources for these classes on web. Read more about string methods like length, split, replace…etc.

Java Collection Package:  You should have good knowledge in collection interfaces and classes. The latest version comes with concurrency util package to deals with concurrent access on collection objects.

Primitive and object types:  Read more about primitive types (short, byte, char, int, long, double, float) and wrapper class on each type. Auto boxing and auto unboxing.

There are many more skills required for a Java fresher and it vary from company to company.

The MyExamCloud Java Interview Questions are good for preparation.

Update your resume

Your resume should reflect the latest Java Skills to impress the recruitment team. Be sure to refresh that section of your resume, and delete the obsolete Java APIs or components that aren’t used any longer (like Entity Beans).

Get Java Certified and increase your resume visibility

There may be millions of Java resumes applied for a job vacancy and there will be very limited profiles are selected for interview. In the market Java certified professionals always get an edge over non-certified professionals. Java Certification recognized as the highest professional and best credentials in the field of Information Technology.

Java Certification Benefits

MyExamCloud Java Certification Practice Tests

Search and identify the best companies

Essentially, this is a list identifying the companies that are really getting it right in terms of the overall candidate experience. This helps Java freshers navigate toward companies that execute Java projects.

The recent statistics states that 97% to be precise of enterprise desktops are running on Java platform. You have huge corporate lists to look better Java Company for your fresher job.

Search and apply job with your updated resume

Do not send your resume to junk of email addresses or online, you just send only selected companies with good introduction about you in the body of message. Note that many companies recruit you in fresher or experienced position depends on your skills. The key door point here is “Oracle Java Certification”, certified Java candidates get higher priority than non-certified candidates.

Speak more about creative Java Projects in your introduction

You make a note about the Java Projects done so far in your career or else try to develop new projects with your creative skills. This preparation really helps you to answer real-time Java interview questions like error debugging and exception handling.

MyExamCloud Java Project Assignment Solution for OCMJD

Practice your introduction before appearing for real interview

A job interview is a great opportunity to sell yourself and your skills to potential employers. Job interviews introduction are very short, usually 2 to 3 minutes, and you need to make the most of that time. The initial introduction very important about self-confidence and your enthusiastic in Java skills. Just take a plain paper and write few words about your introduction. Keep updating and practicing this paper till you get good comfort level about your introduction contents.

Practice and prepare for sample Java programs on key topics

You list down all the Java topics you have known and write sample programs on each topic. You can also search on web to prepare these programs but writing your own will definitely help you to answer well in interviews.

If you already prepared for Java Certification then this will be easy task for you.

Get hard copy of your resume in neat format with Oracle Java Certified logo on top

The resume makes first impression to your interviewer, so be prepare in a nice file with printed sheets. If you are Oracle Java Certified then add your Oracle Certified icon in your resume.

Prepare small interview tips Java cards and have them with you for reference

You can collect your interview tip card with the help of others success stories.

MyExamCloud Java Interview Questions

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