License Activation Help


Quick Reference

Follow the procedure for requesting your license key after you ordered your product.

1. Install the product.
2. Open the product and click Activate button.
3. Enter your first name, last name and email id.
4. Installation key will be displayed by default. Do not change the installation key.
5. Now click the Save Key link.
6. This will open up a file chooser. Select the folder in which you want to save the key details.
7. The key details will be stored in key.txt under License folder.
8. Go to to download license key.
9. Support team will send you the License key. More..

Once you get the License Key from EPractize Labs Support Team, follow the procedure to activate your product.

Product Activation Instructions:
1. Start the product and click the Activate button.
2. Copy and paste all the above details (First name, Last name, email and License Key) in the appropriate fields. To paste the details, press Ctrl+v.
3. Click Activate button. More..

Note: Obtain the license key for the system in which you are going to practice. You cannot apply the same license key to other systems. Therefore think twice about the system in which you are going to practice, before you obtain the license key. Always take the latest installer from our web site prior to activation.

To resend your license key,Click here