License Activation Help


Activation Help
To try the product without License key activation prior to purchase it.
Click Try to use the product in Trial Mode without License key.

To save the License key information.
Click Activate to save the License key information.

Enter the below mentioned fields to obtain the installation key.
Enter your first name and last name.
Enter your email id.
Do not change Installation key
Do not enter anything in License Key.
Click Save Key link to save the details.

Select the folder to save the information required to obtain the installation key.
Select the folder where you want to save the installation Key.
Click Save.

Key.txt saves all the information like first name, last name, email id and installation key.
Key.txt saved under License folder.

Contents of Key.txt
First Name :brian
Last Name :christopher
Email ID
Installation Key :KQ296Tlqpx2XurfOr2j20glabl5W7MJB-KuQ+XkZkWiQ=
License Key :
Sample Key.txt file

After you receive the License key, activate the product.
Copy and paste (Ctrl+v) the License key and click Activate button

Create your profile after successful license activation.
Enter Password.
Enter the same password.
Click Enter.

Contact support at for further queries.