Perform Robustness analysis in Java Architecture

First step in Java EE Architecture Design is to perform Rosenberg and Stephen Robustness analysis.

The Java EE architecture design is very simple when you start with Rosenberg and Stephen Robustness analysis. It has been more clearly explained in MyExamCloud’s Java EE Architect Certification Assignment Solution study plan at .

What is Robustness Analysis?

Rosenberg and Stephen introduced robustness analysis as a way for filling the gap between analysis (the what) and design (the how).

The robustness diagrams are used to perform robustness analysis and they are not described by the UML specification. We can mark robustness type with stereo types in UML.

The Elements of A Robustness Analysis:

Elements of a Robustness
Boundary Object – The interface between the system and the outside world. The boundary objects are typically screens or web pages. The presentation tier component where the actor interacts with the application. In Java architecture JSP, JSF Pages, Swingh JFrame, Java ME Midlet are treated as boundary object.

Control Object  – Control objects are the “glue” between boundary and entity objects. In Java EE architecture Servlets/Session Beans are treated as control objects.

Entity Object – Entity objects are usually objects from the domain model. The JPA Entities are treated as Entity Object.

A Case Study

The following use case will be designed using Robustness analysis.

Use Case Search Study Plans at MyExamCloud
Actors User
Description Search Study Plans based on some criteria.
Trigger The user wants to browse among Study Plans or the user would like to search for certain Study Plans.
Precondition Customer starts a web browser.
Post condition Search results meeting the criteria are displayed.
Normal flow Customer visits MyExamCloud home page.
Customer enters search text.
Customer clicks Search button.
Search page is displayed by the system.

Robustness analysis for Search Study Plans at MyExamCloud use case:

Boundary Control  Entity
SearchPage.JSP SearchController StudyPlan

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