Training Lab Enterprise Edition

  Corporate Certification Training Suite

EPractize Labs offers Training Lab Enterprise Edition for corporate certification training.

What is Training Lab Enterprise Edition?
Training Lab Enterprise Edition is an Client-Server model product exclusively developed for corporate employment certification preparation.

Will the content differ from Personal Edition?Absouletly No. We offer the same content in both editions.

Can I customize the product skins based on my company logo and branding?
Yes, we do customization based on your requirements.

How long a license is valid?
We offer Lifetime license. You can use the product and get FREE Upgrades even after 100 years.

What is the price?
Price starting from just 99$ per client and it may vary depending upon the certification.


Do I get any trial to take a test drive?
You can download trial at
Unzip and install Server and client.

Do you offer online training?
We are yet to launch training solution for certifications. You can expect our online training anytime in June 2011.

Contact Sales with name of the certification and number of clients at to order.