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Skill Evaluation is a Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination. It is a most powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price.

Skill Evaluation Lab is not only a computer based evaluation tool but is also a complete assessment monitor to easily screen the candidates.

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Suitable for any kind of organization such as
> IT Organizations,
> Recruitment Agencies,
> Training Companies,
> Universities,
> Government Organizations,
> Schools,
> Colleges, etc.


Why Skill Evaluation Lab is the best Product for IT organizations/UniversityColleges?

Life Time License, Low Cost: Skill Evaluation Lab is activated only once and used to evaluate any number of candidates without additional licenses.

Portability: Organizations can install and use the product in internet hosting server or portable systems such as laptop; this will enable them to conduct the test in different locations.

Fully Customizable Options: Organization can utilize Skill Evaluation Lab for creating their own tests with their skins and branding.

Diverse Question Types: 6 different unique question types to evaluate programming skills, design skills, architecture skills, etc.

Feel Like actual exam: Questions are randomized and timer will automatically trigger evaluation process once the allotted time completes. It supports descriptive, image and voice answers.

Simple and Fast: Skill Evaluation Lab does not require any hosting server or high end machines to run the server. Organization can install it on any Linux or Windows operating system with just 500 – 600 MB disc space.

Methodology for Assessment: PPA-2 (Plan, Prove, Assess) methodology is emphasized in Skill Evaluation Lab to easily measure the skills.

Product Features

Skill Evaluation Lab can fit into all kinds of assessment including employment, training, performance appraisal, online interview, university exams, etc.



Different roles for exam management, report management, print management and exam takers.

Easily create your own tests with single choice, multiple choice, single text, match the right choice and descriptive questions.

Create voice questions directly on your desktop head phone.  Can be used for conducting online exams for Visually Impaired candidates.

Examinee can write and draw images for descriptive questions.  They can also record their voice answers from web.

An instant communication - SMS and Email alerts for exam takers and administrators.

The product can scale up to any number of concurrent users.

Load questions from XL spreadsheet or from question editor within the product.

A language-proof package - Create questions in any language with image, videos and flash files.

An Opportunity for an improvement - Test/topic comparison charts to measure overall weakness areas.

Performance chart and focus lab for trainee results to track the training progress.

Ranking chart to select candidates for appreciation or performance appraisal

Multi-format outputs - Reports can be exported to PDF, RTF, HTML and CSV formats.

Customer Quote:

This is what we are expecting for the past 6 years for our recruitment
process - Taruna Agarwal ...more

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