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Jan 27,2010 - Online Test Software Corporate Edition Launched
by Abraham[ Software Engineer], pubished on Wed, 12 May 2010 12:08 PM

EPractize Labs Software, an emerging global provider of Skill Development and Skill Evaluation Products Company releases Online Skill Assessment and Screening Software.

The creative mind of Skill Development and Skill Evaluation - EPractize Labs, introduces the internet version of Employee Skill Assessment and Screening software.

It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective test manager to administer pre-employment testing, assessment, screening and recruitment testing as well as employment screening and testing. It is a complete employee assessment software which can be used from creating tests till shortlisting the candidates.

Why employee testing is important?
· To identify the right people for the right assignment.
· To reduce the recruitment time and cost.
· HR Team can easily assess the technical skills of the applicants
without investing the effort of the technical panel.
· Match organization requirements in the form of assessment.
· Screen the candidates based on actual skills instead of blind

Why EPractize Labs Online Skill Evaluation Lab?

Quality, Availability, Flexibility, Service, Low Cost - All in one

Quality - Our software developed with rich user experience and
professional standards

Availability - Can be deployed on hosting server for 24X7
availability across the globe over internet

Flexibility - Efficient customization based on customer needs
Service Professionals available to answer all your product
related queries

Low Cost - We are the world’s first company to provide cost
effective Online Exam Solution with unlimited users
and test events.

All in one - Suitable for Online Employment Testing, University
Exams (choice selection, descriptive, voice and image
answers input), Employee Training (Trainee Role,
Practice Type Tests, etc.).

Skill Evaluation Lab can fit into all kinds of assessment including
employment, training, performance appraisal, online interview, university
exams, etc.

Skill Evaluation Lab is not only a computer based evaluation tool but is
also a complete assessment monitor to easily screen the candidates.
Suitable for any kind of organization such as
· IT Organizations,
· Recruitment Agencies,
· Training Companies,
· Universities,
· Government Organizations,
· Schools,
· Colleges, etc.

Online Skill Assessment and Screening Software has the most extensive and robust features to make the screening tests as simple as possible.

* Manage Profile
* Load Tests
* Manage Questions
* Manage Tests
* Manage Users
* Manage Groups
* Send login details
* Test Monitor
* Assess the candidates
* Save Reports

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Abraham - Software Engineer, EPractize Labs Software. Has extensive experience in software development from small scale to high scale enterprise applications in various domains using Java EE technologies.