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Email Marketing Software downloadable version for small scale business
by Pondurai Singh[ Software Engineer], pubished on Wed, 12 May 2010 02:50 PM

The creative mind of Business Solutions Team, introduces Email marketing software express, email marketing solution for internet marketing. Stop monthly subscription, start your email marketing with life time license, its simple and powerful.

Direct email marketing is one of the powerful online marketing solutions for any kind of business or products. You need powerful email marketing software to deliver your valuable newsletters to your subscribers.

There are hundreds of email marketing software tools available in the internet. Choosing the right tool may be difficult and it depends upon your expertise in the market. It is important that you should know how to select and use the best email marketing software, so that you can have the right benefit that it can give you.

Why email marketing is important?
To target specific audiences.
Promote your business/products/services to your subscribers.
Improve site traffic and sales.
Close relation with existing customers.
Advertise new product announcements.

Most of the email marketing solutions are online based and requires monthly subscription. This kind of email marketing software may not be suitable for small scale business organizations while considering the marketing budget.

There are lots of downloadable email marketing software tools with similar online email marketing features available in the market with affordable cost. This kind of direct email marketing tools are more reliable than online based products as it will run on your desktop, so that you can see what is actually happening during email delivery process.

Start your email marketing by email marketing software express today with just 4 steps. Configure email account settings, add subscribers, create newsletter message, create and send campaign. Email marketing software express fulfils newsletter campaign in one place - on your desktop; not on invisible server backend. It is great to see the campaign running in front of me and i I can see my email delivery reliability.

Fast message delivery by multiple connection threads and asynchronous message delivery. Clear and simple reports with sent, unsent, yet to process list. Extract bounced email list and update email list. Thanks for providing email opened reports to see who and when my newsletter was opened.

Newsletter editor with numerous email templates. Message personalization based on first name, last name, name, date and email id.

Email Marketing Software Express is not only an Email Marketing tool but is also a built-in email spider that can extract email ids from your POP3/IMAP accounts, outlook, local folders and UR/HTML files.

Suitable for any kind of organization such as
Email Marketing companies,
Individuals looking newsletter software,
Product promotion Companies,
Advertisement companies, etc.

Product features

HTML Email Templates
Create professional newsletters and campaigns from our 100+ HTML Templates. Ease up your product promotion and save time and money.

Contact Management
Extract email ids from all sources. Group contact lists for different target audiences. Build your new contacts or delete. Keep your contact lists up-to-date by removing the list of bounded emails addresses.

Extract Email address
Extract email ids from your Outlook, POP3 or IMAP server, URL (local). Harvest email ids from any locally stored folder or file.

Manage your contact list
Create contact list from scratch. Create as many list as you like. Divide the contact list by demographics or line of businesses. Merge the list of emails and avoid duplicates. Remove bounced emails from the list.

Import Email list
Add email address one by one. Import the email list (in txt or csv format) you have.

Email Campaigns

Crisp message and perfect layout makes effective email campaigns. Use the available templates and create eye-catching campaigns.

Email Delivery
Success of the email campaigns depends on deliverance of the emails to the customers. See who's viewing your campaigns.

Track Opens, undelivered and bounces
View who opened and clicked through your emails. Track who unsubscribed. See which emails bounced.

Why email marketing software express is the Best Product for Internet Marketing?
Life Time License, Low Cost: Email marketing software express is activated only once and used for optimizing any number of sites.

Simple and Fast: Email marketing software express does not require any hosting server or high end machines to run the software. Organization can install it on any Windows operating system with just 100 200 MB disc space.

Pondurai Singh - Software Engineer, EPractize Labs Software. Has extensive experience in software development from small scale to high scale enterprise applications in various domains using Java EE technologies.