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Last updated on Wed, 12 May 2010 09:00 AM

What is config wizard?

You can manage your sites by adding Companies' details, PAD file, News, Articles, RSS feeds, Sitemap and Directories using the Config Wizard.
What is CMS wizard?

With Content Management System or CMS Wizard, you can connect and manage your remote files using the FTP Manager. You will be able to do all On Page Optimization with WYSIWYG Editor, Keyword Editor and Text Editor.
Why SEO Software Submitter is Best Product for Internet Marketing?

Life Time License, Low Cost: SEO Software Submitter is activated only once and used for optimizing any number of sites.
What are the On Page Optimization SEO Software Submitter can do?

FAQ/Article/News & RSS generators.
CMS HTML and Text Editor to edit directly from your website FTP folder.
Keyword editor for Title, Meta, Image and Href tags with step by step instructions.
Sitemap generator for google sitemap XML and HTML format.
PAD XML generator for your products.
Can i track multiple sites?

Yes, you can track multiple sites in single product.
What are the Submission Wizards SEO Software Submitter provides?

Weblink, PAD files, News, Articles, RSS, Directories and Sitemap.
What are the Off Page Optimization SEO Software Submitter can do?

Complete automated weblink management for your website from product.
Submit your site to weblink partners by Weblink Submitter.
Submit your PAD files to download sites by PAD Submitter.
Submit your press releases to news sites by PressRelease Submitter.
Submit your articles to article directories by Article Submitter.
Submit your RSS feeds to RSS directories by RSS Submitter.
Submit your site to search directories by Directory Submitter.
Why SEO is important?

To target specific audiences.
Improve search position/Google ranking.
Improve site traffic and sales.
Static internet marketing for your site.