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Last updated on Wed, 12 May 2010 09:00 AM

How will I know that the examinee is currently active?

You can check the Prove > Live Examinees. All the active examinees will be listed.
Why Skill Evaluation Lab is the Best Product for IT organizations/Univeristy/Colleges

Life Time License, Low Cost: Skill Evaluation Lab is activated only once and used to evaluate any number of candidates without additional licenses.

Portability: Organizations can install and use the product in internet hosting server or portable systems such as laptop; this will enable them to conduct the test in different locations.

Fully Customizable Options: Organization can utilize Skill Evaluation
Lab for creating their own tests and also with their skins and branding.

Diverse Question Types: 6 different unique question types to evaluate programming skills, design skills, architecture skills, etc.

Feel Like actual exam: Questions are randomized and timer will automatically trigger evaluation process once the allotted time completes. It supports descriptive, image and voice answers.

Simple and Fast: Skill Evaluation Lab does not require any hosting server or high end machines to run the server. Organization can install it on any Linux or Windows operating system with just 500 600 MB disc space.

Methodology for Assessment: PPA-2(Plan, Prove, Assess) methodology is emphasized in Skill Evaluation Lab to easily measure the skills.
Whom should I contact for a demo/support?

I do not want the examinee to view reports? How do I do that?

You can create test with Hide results option.
Can I store all the reports?

Yes, you can store all the reports.
After I create the login id and password for examinees, is it possible for me to send the login information through mail?

Yes. You can send the login details of the examinees bye mail from the application. To do this, you have to update your profile with your SMTP details.
Can I communicate to the examinees in the process of short listing?

Yes, you can communicate to the examinees through email. You can also send them mails from the application after updating your profile with SMTP details.
One of the examinee is unable to proceed with the test due to network outage. I still see the examinee's name in the Live Examinee list. How do I detach the user and make the user attend the test again?

You can do that by clicking the 'Unlock' from Prove > Live Examinees. You have to Enable the test session of that particular user. This enables the user to start the test afresh.
Can examinee can draw images for descriptive type question?

Yes examinee can draw images.
How do I make the examinees to view the reports?

You can create test with Show results option.
How do I create the test environment?

You can create the questions, test, user and group. Associate the questions to the test. Assign the test to the group and associate the user to the group.
What is Online Skill Evaluation Lab?

EPractize Labs Online Skill Evaluation Lab is an ultimate product for Pre-employment assessment, Employee Evaluation, University/College Exams, etc.
How many types of questions Skill Evaluation Lab supports?

6 different unique question types to evaluate programming skills, design skills, architecture skills, etc.
Can i create voice based questions?

Yes both administrator and examinee can record voices.