Skill Evaluation Lab 2014 Launched

If online exam is the key to student success, Skill Evaluation Lab 2014 has the keys for your success.

This exam generator application can save time and cost of school/college exams,  pre-employment testing, training exams, performance appraisal, employee survey and employee training.

These are some of the salient features of version 2014:

  • Different roles for exam management, report management, print management and exam takers.
  • Easily create your own tests with single choice, multiple choice, single text, match the right choice and descriptive questions.
  • Import questions from XL, XLSX, DOC and DOCX files.
  • Create voice questions directly on your desktop head phone. Can be used for conducting online exams for Visually Challenged candidates.
  • Examinee can write and draw images for descriptive questions. They can also record their voice answers from web.
  • An instant communication – SMS and Email alerts for exam takers and administrators.
  • Exam page with question pallets for easy navigation.
  • The product can scale up to any number of concurrent users.
  • Load questions from XL spreadsheet or from question editor within the product.
  • A language-proof package – Create questions in any language with image, videos and flash files.
  • An Opportunity for an improvement – Test/topic comparison charts to measure overall weakness areas.
  • Performance chart and focus lab for trainee results to track the training progress.
  • Ranking chart to select candidates for appreciation or performance appraisal
  • Multi-format outputs – Reports can be exported to PDF, RTF, HTML and CSV formats.

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