Test Generator Lab Business Edition 4.0 released

EPractize Labs Software, an emerging global provider for Skill Development and Skill Evaluation products released Test Generator Lab Business Edition 4.0 today. Download your FREE copy today and empower your preparation.

You can find more details about this product at http://www.epractizelabs.com/blog2/?p=35 or http://www.epractizelabs.com/test-generator/examsoftwarebusiness.html .
We have uploaded new setup file on our website today. This update will be visible on Live Update Messenger.

Major Update : New component added to conduct online exams.

What are the new features added in version 4.0?

Manage Test Events component added to conduct online exams.
Topics order can be customized for sequence mode practice/quiz exams.
Question can have any resources in hyperlinks.

How to use the new setup file?

Just download and install. The installation will automatically copy new files and this will not affect your license keys.

Report backup procedure:

  1. Open product installation folder and copy all .epl files into a backup folder.
  2. Delete 950458804.epl from your backup folder
  3. Download latest exe and install product.
  4. Copy and paste all .epl files into your installation (override all).

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