EPractize Labs Digital Exam Library is ready for download

EPractize Labs introduced Digital Exam Library, another wonderful exam preparation place for education domain.

The needs for Exam Library

  • Success in schools/colleges by Test Generator Lab practice exams.
  • The criteria of being a good student is high score in each exam.
  • Be well prepared for tomorrow’s exam by test yourself in the most resembling questions you will meet tomorrow in your exam from Test Generator Lab.
  • Success in government exams by free practice tests.

What tool can be used to attend Exam Library test files?
Test Generator Lab is a friendly tool to enable the student to test his knowledge and prepare him self to his coming exam. The tool is absolutely free for taking any number of test. You can download any edition from EPractize Labs website.

Test Generator Lab Business Edition Download Link: http://www.epractizelabs.com/test-generator/testgeneratorbusiness.exe

To install new test on your Test Generator Lab

  1. Download the free .zip file from http://www.epractizelabs.com/examlibrary/
  2. Store it in your local drive.
  3. Open Test Generator Lab, login
  4. Click Choose Test file and select the test you want to load.
  5. Click Load Test. Now the new test is ready to use.
  6. Click Close to go to home page
  7. Click Prove > Take Tests to attend test

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