Test Generator Lab Advanced Edition Launched

EPractize Labs Software, an emerging global provider for Skill Development and Skill Evaluation products launched Test Generator Lab Advanced Edition today. Download your FREE copy today and empower your preparation.

What is Test Generator Lab?
· World’s most advanced offline CAT (Computer Assessment Tests) management tool suitable for all kind of tests.
· Developed and published by Global Skill Development and Skill Evaluation leader, EPractize Labs Software.

Suitable for any kind of organization or individuals such as:-

1. Candidates preparing IT certification exams, Aptitude Tests
2. College students
3. Candidates preparing Government Exams
4. IT Organizations
5. Recruitment Agencies
6. Training Companies
7. Universities
8. Government Organizations
9. Schools
10. Colleges, etc.

Improves confidence, improves career potential
· Must need product for all home computers and all training and recruitment institutions.
· Kids can practice IQ tests created by their mom / teachers
· School or college students can improve their exam preparation up to 200%
· Job seeker can practice aptitude tests and any technology tests
· IT professionals can use it for certification preparation
· Organizations can conduct pre- employment test/can use it for training

What the tool can do?
· Generate 3 different types of tests (Certification, Practice and Quiz)
· Supports 8 different question types with content editor to easily add any kind of images (local or remote)
· Load test files and take test
· Pinpoint your weakness areas
· Performance chart to track your training progress

Question types
· Single correct in Multiple Choices – Select only one answer from the given options.
· Multiple correct in Multiple Choices – Select one or more correct answers from the given options.
· Fill in the blanks – Type the answer in the given blanks.
· Descriptive Answers – Type the answer in the text area provided.
· Drag and Drop – Drag the correct item from the list of items given, and place them in the given placeholder.
· Match the answer – Select the correct choice that matches the given criterion.
· Single Text answer – Type the answer in the text field provided.
· Select the best option – Select the correct item from the list of items given in combo box.

Focus Lab
· Focus Lab stores all the wrongly answered questions in every lab. It classifies the questions based on the number of attempts. This helps you to select those questions that were attempted multiple times wrongly and focus your efforts to improvise on them.

Visit http://www.epractizelabs.com/test-generator/examsoftwareadvanced.html to know more about Test Generator Lab Advanced Edition.

Test Generator Software Video

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