EPractize Labs PPA-1 Methodology
Plan Practize Achieve (PPA-1) methodology is designed with an intent to charge the user with confidence level and potential to achieve the desired certification.
  • Plan allows the user to set the target in the form of goals to be reached. The user can set their own goals. The user can configure the schedule depending on their convenience.

  • Practize incorporates labs of different flavors that the user can practice. The user can attend the exam as well as scan through the important notes and tips provided in specific labs. Practize prepares the user to complete the exam within the stipulated time interval through various mock exams. This entrusts the user with the required skills and confidence to attend the certification exam and attain the certificate.

  • Achieve tracks the goals and schedule and the user can cross-check whether they have accomplished the goals within the scheduled time period.It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the user in the form of Reports.

This way PPA-1 methodology ensures that the user has acquired adequate technical skills to obtain the certificate.

The methodology mainly has three phases and each phase has set of tasks that need to be completed to achieve the milestones.

Plan - Goal against technology objectives and schedule
  • Understand the objective
  • Set Goals against each objectives
  • Schedule for your preparation
Practize - until you reach the goals
  • Assess your current strength and weakness
  • Practize until you reach your goals
  • Focus weakness areas and practize more
Achieve - Track your achieved goals and acquire confidence
  • Track goals
  • Track Schedule
  • Achieve your certificate
Methodology benefits
  • Set and achieve milestones
  • Boost your confidence as faster than ever
  • Reliable tracking to measure your progress
  • Concentrate your weakness areas from focus monitor
  • Perfectly suitable for all skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert)