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Last Updated on January 20, 2016

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What is Test Generator Lab?

The product is one stop solution for offline computer exam management including recruitment, performance appraisal, pre employment testing, post employment testing, training evaluation, exam preparation, etc. It is very cost effective than other assessment products. Conduct online exams directly on your desktop by Test Generator Lab free edition.

Suitable for any kind of organization or individuals such as

  1. Candidates preparing IT certification exams, Aptitude Tests
  2. College students
  3. Candidates preparing Government Exams
  4. IT Organizations,
  5. Recruitment Agencies,
  6. Training Companies,
  7. Universities,
  8. Government Organizations,
  9. Schools,
  10. Colleges, etc.

  • World's most advanced Test/Exam/Quiz Making Software
  • Suitable for any kind of organization or individuals
  • Generate 3 different types of tests (Certification, Practice and Quiz)
  • Supports 2 different question types with content editor or load from XL sheet and Word Documents
  • Can create tests in any languages
  • Export test files for distribution
  • Pinpoint your areas of weakness
  • Performance chart to track your training progress

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