EPractize Labs

EPractize Labs is fully Customer Focused, Innovative and Global service provider for Skill Development and Skill Evaluation products suitable for pre employment assessment testing, employee evaluation for appraisal, employment screening, employee training, etc.

EPractize Labs aims to offer a complete Skill Development and Skill Evaluation platform suitable for individuals and any kind of organization such as IT Organizations, Recruitment Agencies, Training Companies, Universities, Government Organizations, Schools, Colleges, etc.

Following are the product categories offered by EPractize Labs:

Skill Development
Certification Preparation Solution
Exam Preparation Solution

Skill Evaluation
Online Exam Solution
Offline Exam Solution

Business Solutions

After successful launch of skill development and skill evaluation products, EPractize Labs wanted to focus on business solutions to make their life simpler for Internet product marketing.

The team started looking at the market for solutions. As many of them did not match their expectations, the R&D team started creating their own solutions for SEO and Email Marketing.

These solutions were found to be very powerful in their usage that led to the success of the organization.So EPractize Labs decided to release those products into the market to cater those who are looking out for similar solutions.

Following are the product categories offered by EPractize Labs:

Internet Marketing
SEO Marketing Solution
Email Marketing Solution

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Customers in 150+ countries include Fortune 500 , Recruitment agencies, and Education. Read Testimonials.


EPractize Labs is interested in exploring partnership with Publishers or Content Development companies to promote their content through EPractize Labs.

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EPractize Labs calls the marketing leaders to become resellers for EPractize Labs Products. EPractize Labs Reseller Scheme gives you the unique benefits.

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